ROI Calculator

For Business and Public Sector

*Number of Conference and Meeting Rooms with Displays or Projectors in your company

*Estimate the average number of meetings in each room per day

*Number of employees that attend an average meeting

*Average number of minutes it takes to start each meeting (connect & project)

*Estimate the average hourly wage for each attendee

*Required Fields


Your ROI with Wireless Display

Productivity gained (man hours) per meeting
0.0(hours per meeting)

Productivity gained (man hours) per day across the business
0.0(hours per day)

Cost savings per day across the business
$0.0(cost savings per day)

Total annual estimated productivity gained (250 work days)
0.0(hours per work year)

Total annual estimated cost savings (dollars per work year)

Total 5-year estimated cost savings

Extended, aka Proposal Cost

Number of days it takes to break even on the upfront investment


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