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Actiontec & Wireless Display

Actiontec is leading the evolution of wireless display. We work with industry leaders—like Microsoft and Intel—to offer the most trusted devices, software, and expertise to turn any room into a wireless display experience. Our ScreenBeam™ line of wireless display solutions represents our vision for the next-generation of living rooms, enterprises and schools. It’s built to the same standards of quality, reliability, and real-world usability as every product that bears the Actiontec name.

The Wireless Revolution

The world is wireless. Big, bulky, desktop computers and presentation podiums have been replaced by laptops and tablets. Landline telephones have given way to smaller and smarter cell phones. It’s time to evolve beyond outdated video cable technology.

Wireless display offers the freedom and flexibility to display content on a large-format display when and where you want, without requiring complicated adapters or long, expensive cables that restrict mobility and take up space.

Wireless Display technology will soon be available everywhere—from your living room to the classroom, small office and conference room. Wireless display enables devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones to quickly establish a display connection without wires. Utilizing built in technology (generally a combination of graphics sub-systems and Wi-Fi), these devices can completely eliminate wired display connections and quickly connect using their built-in Wireless Display functionality. Wireless display is more than just screen mirroring; it can increase productivity and deliver powerful entertainment experiences. It is a low-latency, high-performance, full-HD video connection.

The Case for Wireless Display

Wireless Display offers several significant benefits:

  • Wireless freedom. Walk around the room, stand in front while presenting, and engage with your audience or class one-on-one while still driving the content on the screen.
  • Simple, clean connections. No more fumbling with cables, trying to get them to reach across conference tables or beyond your living room. No more being chained to the nearest video port. No more playing musical chairs with the video cable. Just connect and go!
  • Connect instantly. Just swipe, click or tap to connect. Change presenters, devices, presentations and more, smoothly and effortlessly. No more hunting around for the right display connector to get meetings or presentations started.

These benefits offer real-world advantages for IT departments:

  • Simple deployment and management eliminates the replacement costs, device specificity and troubleshooting for cables and adapters.
  • Eliminating long cable runs to projectors and displays offers significant cost savings for new installations and system upgrades.
  • Remote device management, provisioning, and troubleshooting saves time and resources.

Every conference room, meeting room, classroom, collaboration and huddle space will soon be Wireless Display enabled. Actiontec’s dedicated portfolio of ScreenBeam™ Wireless Display solutions provides a range of options for taking the next step. ScreenBeam is trusted all around the world. Global Fortune 500 companies, small and medium businesses, and countless educational institutions around the globe count on ScreenBeam to power their Wireless Display experiences every day.

Industry Leadership

Actiontec is at the forefront of Wireless Display technology and continues to push the envelope through collaboration with key industry innovators like Microsoft and Intel. Actiontec’s complete portfolio of ScreenBeam solutions offers unsurpassed interoperability, performance, and manageability.

ScreenBeam is the global standard for wireless display device/ feature validation. The majority of the world’s PC and Tablet OEMs use ScreenBeam in their labs to ensure their products maximize their performance potential.

Our talented team of engineers, researchers, and product specialists have developed a complete portfolio of solutions which cover all levels of customer needs. Let Actiontec or one of our many talented authorized solutions providers help enable Wireless Display across your organization.

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