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The ability to display a mobile phone screen on your TV is great for personal entertainment and for business use. Who doesn’t want to share recent holiday or vacation pictures to your friends and family in the living room? And road warriors could use a simple solution to display a movie from their phone to a TV in the hotel room, or to share the company website in a client’s boardroom.

Screen mirroring makes it possible to display your smartphone screen onto on an HDTV or projector screen for a seamless and interactive viewing experience. In the past you needed to tether your phone directly to the TV with a cable of some sort. Now you can easily and wirelessly connect your phone to a larger display.


What You Will Need

Sharing your phone screen wirelessly on a larger screen like a TV is simple. You just need the following:

  • A smartphone
  • Screen mirroring technology in the smartphone (most smartphones have this built in)
  • A TV with an available HDMI port and a USB port.
  • A wireless display adapter (compatible with the smartphone)


What is Screen Mirroring Technology

Smartphones and other mobile devices often come with technology built in to them that allow you to display the content of your mobile device screen on a larger screen like a TV. Miracast is one such technology. Miracast is found in most Android devices (4.2+) and devices that have Windows 8.1+ or Windows 10/11.

Miracast creates its own direct wireless connection between a smartphone and a wireless display adapter. This is a device that plugs in to a TV or projector and receives the signal from a mobile device.


What is a Wireless Display Adapter?

A wireless display adapter (also known as a wireless display receiver) is a device that plugs in to the HDMI port of a TV. Its purpose is to receive the data signal from a smartphone or other mobile device, and then to display it on the TV screen.

ScreenBeam’s ScreenBeam Mini2 wireless display adapter creates a direct connection with a smartphone using Miracast technology. Miracast is built in to most Android 4.2+ devices and devices using Windows 8.1 or Windows 10/11.


ScreenBeam Mini2 Wireless Display Adapter

Not all wireless display adapters are alike. Some of them require you to go through a long process of signing up for an account, entering your credit card information, and in some cases even signing up for a monthly paid service.

This is not the case with the ScreenBeam Mini2 wireless display receiver. All you need to do is plug it in, connect and immediately begin sharing photos, movies, mobile games, and more from your smartphone on your TV.

Other features:

  • Android 4.2+ and Windows 8.1+ operating system compatible. Smartphones with Miracast can be used with ScreenBeam Mini2.*
  • Display ANY content without limitations – Some adapters only display streaming video. With ScreenBeam Mini2 you can wirelessly share photos, videos, presentations, apps, or mobile games directly to your TV .
  • Wi-Fi is not required – Miracast creates a direct wireless connection between a smartphone and the adapter. It will not bog down a home’s WiFi network.
  • No subscription fees, apps to download or accounts to set up

The ScreenBeam Mini2 truly sets itself apart from other wireless display adapters thanks to its “plug-and-play” experience. Learn more.

* Note – ScreenBeam Mini2 is not compatible with Apple devices.

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