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Want to share that adorable dog or cat video? No wires or cables are needed. Just plug the ScreenBeam Mini2 wireless display adapter in to your TV and share the video from your phone, tablet or laptop in just 3 clicks.

Miracast is the technology powering Wireless Display or Screen Mirroring.

Use Cases

Sharing Photos/Digital Content on Big Screen

Sharing photos with friends and family can be difficult from your phone when everyone has to hover over your shoulder to see the screen. Fortunately, technology exists that lets you “mirror” your small phone screen to the larger screen of your TV. In other words, whatever you’re seeing on your smartphone’s screen, you can display on the big screen.

Big-Screen Web Browsing

Sometimes web browsing isn’t the best experience from your smartphone because the screen is so small. You can probably imagine this situation:

You are hanging with friends or family. You would like to share a website with everyone… maybe a shopping site, or a funny video, or information about a trip you’re planning together. What do you do if you don’t want everyone hovering over your small screen?

On the Go – RV, Camping, Outdoors

Enjoying a trip in the RV doesn’t mean you have to be disconnected. If you’re hitting the road, don’t forget to include a wireless display adapter on your packing list.  Wireless display adapters, such as the ScreenBeam Mini2, allow you to use your phone, tablet or laptop to watch TV in the comfort of your RV.


A gamer shouldn’t be limited to a console just to get a game displayed on the TV. What about your favorite games on your smartphone or tablet? Some games, such as the Nintendo Switch, feature both mobile handheld gameplay and console game play.

Choose your Solution


Enterprise Environments

Get rid of the HDMI cable and mount your HDTV anywhere with MyWirelessTV2 wireless video HDMI display kit.


ScreenBeam Mini2 lets users share virtually any local or online content. Beam movies, videos, music, photos, games, online TV shows, applications, and more – directly to an HDTV.

ScreenBeam Mini2
For devices running Android 4.2+ and Windows 8.1+/10 devices with Miracast

ScreenBeam Mini2 Mobile
For Samsung and other Android Phones

ScreenBeam Mini2 Kit
For legacy Windows 7/8 laptops, PCs or tablets

Wireless presentation systems resolve the problem of attaching external displays to the computing devices as simply as VGA and HDMI without the cost and inconvenience of fixed cable installation. The rise of mobile devices in enterprise environments, combined with the proliferation of touch-screen solutions and interactive whiteboarding, have created the perfect environment for effective wireless collaboration in any meeting space. The challenge is this environment requires mass-deployable solutions with low total cost of ownership, that also resolves the issues of security and wireless management. Learn how ScreenBeam wireless display and collaboration solutions can help.

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Are you wondering where you can get more information on Wireless Display and Screenbeam Mini2?  Learn more on Screenbeam’s Complete Guide to Wireless Display.

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