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How To Use Wireless Video HDMI in Meeting Spaces


Does your meeting space lack the professional appearance that you’d like to project to your key customers, or to current and prospective employees?  

A major part of creating the professional look your business needs is the set up for displaying presentations or other information on a big display, like an HDTV, or projection screen. Maybe your TV cables are dangling every which way. Perhaps your presentation laptop has to be set up right next to your projector even when this isn’t convenient.

Wireless Video HDMI is a simple and cost effective way to modernize your meeting space without having to deal with expensive or complicated installations. You can wirelessly stream presentations, projects, movies, TV shows and more from a laptop to an HDTV. Turn your meeting space into a professional and great viewing experience for coworkers and important clients.


What is “Wireless Video HDMI”?


Wireless Video HDMI is a way to project or cast audio, presentations and more from your laptop wirelessly to your TV or projector. You simply attach a transmitter to the laptop and a receiver to the TV or projector. Using “wireless video HDMI” you then wirelessly deliver your content to the big screen.


Those messy cables that connect your laptop to the display will no longer be needed! Wireless Video HDMI allows you to have your laptop on a table and your display mounted on a wall without having messy cabling between them. This not only offers greater freedom in the meeting room for presenters, but it also keeps everything looking clean and professional.



No Wi-Fi Needed


A wireless video HDMI transmitter and receiver kit actually works without using your Wi-Fi network, so streaming video for instance won’t become a burden on the network. The transmitter connects to your laptop, and the receiver connects to your display. The transmitter sends its own strong, point-to-point, 150-ft range signal to the receiver.  


Easy to Install


Wireless Video HDMI kits are easy to install and to set up. They don’t require hiring professionals to drill holes and run wires through the walls.

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