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How to Watch TV Anywhere Without Wires (Including Outdoors)

With the right set up, you can watch content on your TV from anywhere in your home, garage, basement or backyard. Imagine…

  • Hosting a backyard party and having a TV set up for “The Big Game.”
  • Doing a workout from a video on your TV in your workout room.
  • Watching your favorite Netflix show to get you through a run on your treadmill.
  • Pulling up a YouTube tutorial when you need help in the middle of a project in your crafting or hobby room.
  • Setting up the ultimate man cave/she cave, gaming set up or lounging area in your basement.

There are so many scenarios that could benefit from including a TV in your favorite space. The one thing all of these scenarios have in common is that they are all better with wireless TV, not wires.

How to Set Up Wireless TV with MyWirelessTV2

You can mount your wireless TV in all of your favorite spaces and get rid of the pesky cables with a wireless video HDMI display like ScreenBeam’s MyWirelessTV2.
The set-up is easy:
Start by identifying the MyWirelessTV2 Transmitter and Receiver. They look the same, but they are labelled so you can tell the difference.

Connecting the Transmitter:

  1. Turn off your set-top box or other media player.
  2. Connect the Transmitter to your media player with the HDMI cable included in the kit.
  3. Connect the Transmitter to the power adapter included in the kit and plug it in.
  4. Turn on your media player and wait to see that the power light on the Transmitter is solid green.

Connecting the Receiver:

  1. There should be another short HDMI cable included in the kit. Plug this short HDMI cable into your TV and the other end into the Receiver port that says “Out-to-TV.”
  2. Connect the Receiver to the power adapter included in the kit to the Receiver.
  3. Check that the green “power light” on the Receiver turns solid green.

When you get the MyWirelessTV2 Transmitter and Receiver connected, turn on your TV and select the input source that matches the HDMI port you used for the Receiver.

You should be good to start streaming video wirelessly to your TV! MyWirelessTV2 gives you the flexibility to rearrange your room and set up your HDTV pretty much anywhere. MyWirelessTV2 provides you with full control over your home theater and streaming experience. Explore ScreenBeam’s Guide to Wireless Video HDMI for more.


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Jay Taylor

VP Strategic Alliances and Technical Marketing

As one of the visionaries and a driving force behind the development of ScreenBeam wireless display, Jay established a key partnership with Microsoft and positioned the company as a co-engineering partner and the gold standard for Microsoft’s wireless display technology implementations in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10/11. Jay is responsible for defining alliance strategies as well as engaging key partners and customers for the ScreenBeam wireless display business unit. Working closely with industry titans like Microsoft, Intel, and AMD, he helps bring new products, technologies and opportunities to key vertical markets. Jay holds a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering Technology from Devry University in California.