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June 2020

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Cool things happening at ScreenBeam

Just Released! ScreenBeam 1100 Plus With HDMI Switching – Users Get Wired and Wireless Connections In A Single Device

We improved our award-winning ScreenBeam 1100 4K wireless presentation receiver with a sleek new design and added HDMI input to combine wireless display and HDMI switching for a super convenient and cost-effective solution.

Each 1100 Plus receiver includes CMS Enterprise at no additional charge so administrators can remotely access and manage receivers distributed over multiple geographic locations and across networks. Administrators can monitor receiver status, apply security policies, troubleshot problems, perform device resets, update receivers, and much more.

ScreenBeam 1100 Plus is available now in the US for $999. Please contact your ScreenBeam sales rep or Authorized Elite Partner for more details.  Visit the 1100 Plus and CMS Enterprise pages for more information or watch the video for a quick run down of new features and capabilities.

Upcoming Event

Come join us at InfoComm Connected June 16 – 18! 

During the 3-day event attendees will be able to schedule and meet virtually with our ScreenBeam staff for one-on-one discussions, view our latest solution videos and on-demand presentations as well as network with fellow AV professionals. Also, mark your calendar to attend our live 1100 Plus demonstration on Thursday, June 18th @ 12:30pm EST.

Click here to register for free today!

New Webcast

Creating Safe Meeting Spaces in the Age of Social Distancing

As shelter-in-place requirements begin to loosen, companies worldwide are considering how to transition back to the workplace safely. One of the most serious considerations will be how to make changes to conference rooms and meeting spaces for safe employee group collaboration.

On June 2, we hosted a live event to discuss best practices in conference spaces as we all transition back to working in the office. Facilities AV/IT teams should be thinking about how to create safe employee group collaboration, implement contactless technologies in meeting spaces​ and find ways to communicate company safety policies.

Over 350 attendees registered for this event and we want to thank everyone who joined.  In case you missed it, we made it easy for you to download the recording by keeping the page ungated.


Making the Transition Back to the Classroom

As we are winding down the unforgettable ’19-’20 school year, many districts are making plans for getting back to the classroom in the fall.  What is that transition going to look like considering our current environment?  We presented a session called Making the Transition Back to the Classroom that discussed these matters and addressed the need of providing a contact “less” solution for educators and students for a safer use of technology in the classroom. 

In addition, we officially launched our newest feature for ScreenBeam with Classroom Commander which allows the teacher to have full orchestration of up to 50 student Chromebooks while presenting wirelessly on either a Windows 10 device or a Chromebook. Watch the webcast to see a full live demo of our solutions or download the recording to share with others.


New Podcast

ScreenBeam’s Mike Ehlenberger talks about making meeting spaces smarter and safer. The truth is human nature can’t be changed and employers need to be prepared with employees seeking face-to-face content with their colleagues. It’s a practice you don’t even necessarily want to stop because in-person collaboration is so essential for keeping staff motivated and focused. Instead, companies should focus on how to support their employees by creating safe meeting spaces. It’s a great discussion relevant to everyone.


“Switching from offices before the pandemic to an all-remote setup would be replacing one dogma with another dogma…what I miss is when you walk into a physical meeting, you’re able to talk and connect with people before and after the meeting… that’s tough to replicate virtually, as are other soft skills crucial to managing and mentoring.”   Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO


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New Support Page

Lastly, we just want to call out the new design of our Support page and the contributions of our fabulous support team. The site has a new navigation and design with the goal of making it much easier for our customers to find the information they need. We hope you all enjoy the change with a much improved experience.

Seeing is believing.

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