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Race to success with ScreenBeam 1100

Learn how to bring wireless collaboration into all your meeting spaces with the only wireless display solution to provide app-free universal device support for all your employee and guest devices – Windows, Android, Apple, Chromebook – and even legacy Windows devices.  ScreenBeam 1100 supports enterprise-grade Miracast™, AirPlay, and Google Cast to deliver native wireless display functionality across all your organization’s devices  – simply click, and your device is connected and ready to screen share.

Employee and guest devices always connect easily and securely to the room display with multi-network deployment options including local Wi-Fi mode, Miracast, and dual-network infrastructure connectivity.

Download this whitepaper to learn how.

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“ScreenBeam 1100 Wireless display and collaboration without apps”

At ScreenBeam, we set the bar even higher for wireless collaboration.

App free wireless display

Mirror the content on your favorite Windows, iOS and Android devices without apps, dongles or buttons.

Enterprise-grade Miracast

Perform at its best even in dense Wi-Fi environments, and adapt to customer-specific Wi-Fi and input/output (I/O) requirements.

Wireless Office 365 Collaboration

Co-engineering partnership with Microsoft provides best-in-class collaboration experiences across Office 365.

Extended desktop

Windows and macOS extended screen mode ensures content privacy while still able to use device to call, chat, and other actions.

Digital Signage

Serve signage content into meeting spaces and classrooms when room displays are idle.

Multi Network

Both employee and guest devices have plenty of options to connect to the room display, reliably, securely and easily.

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