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Microsoft and ScreenBeam have partnered on this special offer, exclusive to Showcase Schools.

Special offer for Microsoft Showcase Schools

Providing classroom agility and management, ScreenBeam Classroom Commander puts teachers in control of student wireless access to displays, providing real-time monitoring and supporting constructive feedback through wireless inking. Designed for Windows 10/11-equipped classrooms, Classroom Commander is a classroom orchestration solution that enables great learning outcomes in one-to-one ratio classrooms by combining wireless display connectivity with premium orchestration functionality. Teachers can move freely in the classroom and interact with students instead of being tied to a computer or a projector, and monitor student device activity. Teachers are now more empowered to engage and collaborate with their students than ever before, and it does this without taxing your school’s network.

Program Terms

FREE TRIAL: ScreenBeam will provide Trial Materials consisting of ScreenBeam 960 Receiver(s) along with a fully licensed copy(ies) of ScreenBeam Classroom Commander for use by school for one (1) full school year beginning January 1, 2018 or any date thereafter until June 30, 2019. The Trial Subscription terms expire on June 30, 2019. Note: Number of devices determined on case by case basis (school size, needs, etc).

Trial Materials and Training

  • ScreenBeam will provide Professional Development/Training through Microsoft’s Education Portal and/or on site at ScreenBeam discretion
  • Product Training/Professional Development will be free of charge

Trial Materials Support

  • Support will be either onsite or via our global support center at the discretion of ScreenBeam
  • Product support will be free of charge

Microsoft will identify in the offer terms (to the Showcase School) that the trial subscription is subject to the following:

  • Schools will be required to install and to deploy the technology within 45 days of receipt by the school
  • Schools will be required to participate in one or more marketing activities such as:
    • Customer stories
    • Speaking opportunities
    • Case studies/Blog posts
    • Photos/Videos

How To Get Your Trial

Send email to Jay Taylor, Sr. Director Strategic Alliance, ScreenBeam ScreenBeam. Please provide your contact information, school name and location (city or country).
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