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WiFi vs Ethernet: What’s the Difference and Which is Better?

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The difference between Wi-Fi and Ethernet comes down to how they transmit data: WiFi transmits data using wireless signals. Ethernet transmits data over a wire. A wired Ethernet technology like MoCA (Multimedia over Coaxial Alliance) uses the existing coax wiring in your home to create an Ethernet network without having to run wires.  MoCA offers a reliable option of obtaining an Ethernet connection using your coax wiring.  But more on this later.


So, true or false: Is Ethernet better than WiFi?

Depends on who you ask.

The real truth, however, is that a wired connection like Ethernet or MoCA isn’t better than WiFi.  The wired connection makes WiFi better.


Let me explain:

We all know that WiFi is convenient and has created so many technological advances. But a wireless Internet connection can have shortcomings. Such as:

  • Being affected by interferences and obstacles
  • Unreliable speed and connection
  • Not inherently secure

Have you ever wondered why people still wire their homes for Internet access when we live in a wireless world? People don’t turn to wires because they are anti-WiFi. They use wired solutions to gain speed and reliability of their internet connection throughout their entire home.

You can have both the reliability of wired Internet and the convenience of WiFi in your home at the same time. This looks different than you might think. Forget expensive installations and tripping over mounds of cables in your home. Those days are gone.

What you need are MoCA adapters to transform your existing coax wiring and boost your existing WiFi network. The best rule of thumb for integrating wires back into your wireless home is:

Rule 1: If the device never moves, wire it up.

Example of stationary devices: Gaming consoles and PCs.

Rule 2: If your device is portable and moves often, keep it connected to your WiFi network.

Example of portable devices: laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Here’s why you should consider MoCA adapters to enhance and extend your wireless network:


MoCA makes Wi-Fi better

As we said earlier, MoCA isn’t better than WiFi. MoCA makes WiFi better. MoCA technology does this by creating a direct connection with the wired device, providing a solid connection to give you reliable speed, stability, and a connection without interference. All you have to do is plug in the adapters and go, it’s that simple.

A MoCA network gives you:

  • Increased Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home, eliminating dead spots.
  • Increased Wi-Fi speeds so that uploading and downloading content is fast.
  • Improved Video streaming without the frustration of buffering so you can enjoy shows and movies free from interruptions.
  • Improved Online gaming with no lag so that every play is in real time.
  • Improved Connection for working or learning from home.

Wireless will always win when it comes to convenience, but you’ll be happier with a wired setup when you’re gaming, streaming, or taking work video calls without buffering or lag. By simply using MoCA adapters in your home network, you make your WiFi faster and more reliable.

Learn more about MoCA Network Adapters and WiFi Extenders on ScreenBeam’s Complete Guide to MoCA.


ScreenBeam ECB6250


ScreenBeam’s ECB6250 MoCA 2.5 Network Adapter uses the existing coax wiring in your home to establish an incredibly reliable wired connection for your home network. 

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