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How to Improve WiFi Speed for Gaming

Your WiFi speed can affect your entire gaming experience. If your WiFi speed is good, you won’t have to worry about any interruptions like buffering and lag. But if your WiFi speed is suffering, you are going to notice it , especially while online gaming.

To get a lag-free gaming experience you need to improve your WiFi speeds. You can improve your WiFi speeds by improving your WiFi signal. But the best way to improve your internet speed is to focus on improving your entire home network.

When everything is performing its best, you don’t have to worry. Here’s what to focus on:


Why you need fast speeds for gaming

First, let’s touch on why are going to want to increase your WiFi speed in the first place.

Fast internet connection is important for a good gaming experience. The speed at which your game data is downloaded is important. To make sure that these speeds are up to par, you need a solid WiFi connection when you game.

Most gaming experiences don’t need a high-speed connection, however if you are aiming for the ideal gaming experience, then fast speeds are ideal. For reliable gaming, you can aim for 10-20 megabits per second (Mbps) to cover your download and upload speeds.

Aiming for higher megabits per second is a way to make sure your gaming experience is solid, but also it can help cover the rest of your home network, too. Your home network as a whole is something that you should always make sure is optimized for peak performance for all online activities.


Try MoCA adapters to get fast and stable internet

If you want to get straight to quick and stable internet, use MoCA adapters. MoCA technology supplements your Wi-Fi network with a pseudo-wired connection. You don’t need all of the crazy wires running around your home to get it either.

All you have to do is invest in a pair of MoCA adapters, plug them into your router, nearby outlets and your device, and you can get better Wi-Fi speeds for gaming.

Most gaming experiences these days require fast internet, and MoCA can boost your internets speeds of up to 1 Gbps*. This is plenty to support all of the action without lag.

Check out our Complete MoCA Guide to see if this is the best solution for you. But if a wired connection isn’t for you, follow these next tips to boost your wireless network speeds to be better for gaming:


How to give your home network a boost

Again, if you are improving your entire home network, then boosting and optimizing your WiFi speeds for gaming will also work for other online activities you enjoy as well (browsing, streaming, etc.).

There are a few ways that you can boost your home network to make sure you WiFi speeds are suitable for gaming. The two things you want to focus on are your WiFi signal and (of course) your WiFi speed. If the signal suffers, the speed suffers.

Here is a list of things to try for boosting your WiFi signal (which will help boost your WiFi speed):

Ways to boost your WiFi signal:

  • Re-position your router
  • Switch from the common 2.4GHz band to the 5GHz band
  • Re-position your router’s antennas
  • Upgrade your router
  • Look into WiFi extenders
  • Look to your WiFi network management platform

If you don’t have a WiFi network management platform, you should consider in the investment. It will help take control of improving your entire home network, resulting in faster WiFi speed for gaming.


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