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Whitepaper: Wireless Collaboration in Enterprise Environments


Wireless presentation systems have flourished in the past decade due to advances in computing power and wireless technologies. The original goal of wireless presentation was to solve the problem of attaching external displays to computing devices as simply as VGA and HDMI without the cost and inconvenience of fixed cable installations. As the ubiquity of mobile devices in enterprise environments increased, the pressure to install wireless display solutions correspondingly increased in priority.

The proliferation of touch-screen solutions and interactive whiteboarding in recent years has further altered the paradigm of pure-play wireless presentation into one of wireless collaboration. The explosion of alternative meeting spaces such as stand-up meeting spaces along with the growth of unified communications (UC) requires mass deployable solutions that easily integrate into the infrastructure while maintaining a low total cost of ownership.

The intersection of enterprise security and effective management of wireless spectrum with wireless presentation and collaboration creates additional deployment challenges. The inherent security of one-way wired video connections to display systems is difficult to replicate in wireless presentation and collaboration due to a multitude of factors. When BYOD devices for guests or other users become a factor, the issues of security and wireless management becomes even more difficult to address effectively.

This white paper gives an overview of the requirements to manage all the above factors effectively within any enterprise environment. Most of these principles apply to enterprise-like deployments in government or higher education, and non-enterprise environments for small business or K-12 deployments.

What’s covered in this deep dive white paper:

  • Understanding and addressing security
  • Understanding network infrastructure and wireless spectrum management
  • Management and user deployment concerns
  • Integrating with UC appliances or room systems
  • Wireless collaboration constraints and use cases
  • How to achieve full enterprise network isolation without compromising employee and guest access
  • Special considerations for iOS, macOS, Android, Chrome, and Windows devices
  • How to successfully deploy without compromise

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