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Untether teachers, inspire learners, and optimize your IT investments.

Transforming education with ScreenBeam wireless screen sharing! Experience the power of collaboration, personalization, and team-based projects in modern learning. Elevate your classroom dynamics with freedom of movement for teachers, enabling dynamic collaboration like never before. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing display and projector operating systems. Centralize on ScreenBeam for seamless classroom innovation.

One Device – Multiple Solutions

Wireless Presentation

Integrated Whiteboard

Digital Signage

Instant Notifications

“We are continually impressed by the power of Screenbeam in delivering an unparalleled user experience in our classrooms. Screenbeam provides the flexibility and freedom to better enhance a personalized learning environment where every learner can thrive.

Rochester City School District, Rochester, New York

“It had become a constant battle with the consumer-grade dongles. This experience ruined the vision of the teachers to be dynamic within the classroom, which is why we turned to ScreenBeam wireless display.”

Flint Cultural Center Academy, Flint, Michigan

“ScreenBeam gave us the ability to move away from the traditional ‘chalk and talk’ teaching model where teachers are positioned at the front of the room. Our teachers can now fluidly inhabit their entire classroom space—while interacting with the content being displayed. They can now project either teacher or student work from the tablet anywhere in the room to collaborate on a math problem or convey an idea for example, while also providing individualized attention to a student in need.”

St. Margaret’s Anglican Girls’ School, Queensland, Australia

Top Products

ScreenBeam 1000 EDU Gen2

Wireless screen sharing from any device, integrated Whiteboard application, digital signage, and instant notifications. Only available for accredited K-12 education institutions.

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ScreenBeam 1100 Plus

Wireless presentation and UC platform connect meeting participants to the in-room display and USB AV peripherals for a seamless BYOM web conferencing experience.

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ScreenBeam FLEX

Affordable wireless presentation platform with a feature set that simplifies collaboration, and an upgrade path to advanced capabilities when needed.

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Case Studies

Palm Beach State College enables secure active-learning at scale using ScreenBeam 1100 Plus.

Meet the demand for hybrid learning head-on! Palm Beach State College chose ScreenBeam 1100P to revolutionize wireless interactions, catering to the diverse needs of their extensive commuter population. Experience seamless connectivity for a more engaging learning experience.

More case studies

ScreenBeam Orchestrate

Instructional tool for classroom orchestration and student management supporting up to 50
Windows or Chrome devices

App-free Dongle-free wireless display

User-friendly app-less Windows, iOS, macOS and Chrome device native wireless screen mirroring with extended desktop capabilities.

Revolutionize Hybrid Learning

Provide remote students with an equitable learning experience, while improving the efficacy of hybrid learning for maximum collaboration. With ScreenBeam, educators seamlessly connect to the display and room speaker, video, and microphone for seamless web conferencing.

Simplify and Secure: Centralized Management for Peace of Mind

Role-based access supports multiple simultaneous administrators and allows for different privilege levels among administrators. With a scalable architecture, administrators can monitor and manage large deployments with ease.

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Wireless vs All-in-One Displays

Why Starting with Wireless Just Makes Sense

How all-in-one displays keep teachers tied to the front of the classroom – and why this is bad in today’s learning environment.

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