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ScreenBeam Conference

Crestron AirMedia

ScreenBeam is the Better Choice for Hybrid Environments

Your office has changed. Today’s hybrid working offices focus on in-person and remote worker collaboration and communication. Technology choices must be reliable, flexible, intuitive, and work for all employees. Conferencing platforms are now essential services, and ScreenBeam brings the industry’s most flexible turnkey collaboration solution.

Why wait! ScreenBeam 1100 Plus receivers
available now.

Watch this video to learn more. 

Advantages of ScreenBeam Conference

ScreenBeam’s 1100 Plus Receiver provides Best-In-Class wireless display integration with UC Rooms without needing proprietary software. ScreenBeam Conference adds BYOM capability and connects the room’s camera and audio system, supporting all major video conference services. Completely wireless allows safe contactless collaboration.

Crestron’s AirMedia platforms require a proprietary AirMedia app, or dongle, or drivers to connect. ScreenBeam 1100 Plus natively supports screen sharing from Windows 10/11 and MacOS with instant connectivity without specialized software or drivers. ScreenBeam is easier to deploy, connect, and use.

Conference Display technology is all we do at ScreenBeam. You won’t be asked to integrate unnecessary bells and whistles, such as control hardware, room controls, or specialized network devices. Fewer integrated systems result in fewer IT calls and more up-time and less to go wrong.

Crestron’s XiO Cloud service is required to manage and deploy AirMedia devices and requires a subscription for features based on room and device licenses. ScreenBeam’s Central Management System (CMS-E) is free with the purchase of the 1100 Plus receiver and is deployed on-premises allowing full management of receivers.

Total Cost of Ownership

ScreenBeam’s Total Cost of Ownership for Wireless Presentation and Conferencing is unbeatable!

ScreenBeam customers gain a significant TCO advantage over Crestron AirMedia. ScreenBeam Conference and Central Management System are free with every ScreenBeam 1100 Plus receiver without a licensing fee. With a MSRP of $1,199 and no ongoing fees, ScreenBeam solutions are roughly 20% the cost of Crestron AirMedia over a three-year period for new customers.

As your deployment scales, those fees scale up too.

1100 Plus

$1,199 (with no additional subscription costs)
$1,199 | Total Cost first year
$1,199 | Total Cost over 3 years plus

Crestron AirMedia

$1,188 (plus XiO subscription up to $8 per device per month)
$1,284 | Total Cost first year
$1,476 | Total Cost over 3 years plus

1 Year

3 Years Plus

*XiO Subscriptions are modeled on either devices or rooms. Device Features are licensed and costs may vary.

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