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Centralize on ScreenBeam for all
your content sharing and
collaboration needs.

Own your meeting space with your laptop. With a couple of clicks wirelessly connect to the room display, camera and speakers. Use any UC platform to include remote people. Hybrid teams feel like they are in the room so everyone can work as a team and be innovative.

Integrate ScreenBeam into a UC system and merge both technologies into a single, collaborative experience of wireless display and UC conferencing.

One Device – Multiple Solutions

Wireless Presentation

Wireless Conferencing

Digital Signage

Instant Notifications

Top Products

ScreenBeam 1100 Plus

Wireless presentation and UC platform connect meeting participants to the in-room display and USB AV peripherals for a seamless BYOM web conferencing experience.

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ScreenBeam FLEX

Affordable wireless presentation platform with a feature set that simplifies collaboration, and an upgrade path to advanced capabilities when needed.

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Optimize your meeting spaces

Confined or Small Spaces

Consider all the technology in most meeting spaces – dongles, cables, switches, etc. The best way to reduce these is by using wireless connections, which untethers presenters to own the entire space.

Large Spaces or Boardrooms

These spaces tend to secure the larger AV technology spends where room control, conferencing and automation are all in play. ScreenBeam integrates into a UC device to merge both technologies into a single collaborative experience.

Huddle Spaces or Stand-Up Meetings

Optimize open spaces for huddle discussions. You can repurpose these areas and use a wall-mounted screen and wireless display to show visuals and agendas and keep discussions focused.

Simple, app-free wireless screen sharing

Native wireless presentation from any operating system eliminates cables, special software or drivers. Secure and simultaneous connections to both internal and guest networks.

Centralized Management and Security

Role-based access supports multiple simultaneous administrators and allows for dicerent privilege levels among administrators. With a scalable architecture, administrators can monitor and manage large deployments with ease.

  • Browser-based interface provides at-a-glance easy access to critical data
  • Pin pairing options providing ITNAV departments control over the user connection models.
  • Perpetual License is included in commercial receivers.

Wireless Conferencing

Wirelessly connect your laptop to the room display, camera, microphone and soundbar. Host a hybrid meeting using your laptop and UC conferencing service of choice and take full advantage of the room peripherals.

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