ScreenBeam | Central Management System (CMS)

Central management system for ScreenBeam receivers.

Easily manage ScreenBeam receivers distributed throughout multiple conference rooms, classrooms, buildings, and locations. With ScreenBeam Central Management System (CMS), IT can remotely access ScreenBeam receivers that are located within the network.

With ScreenBeam Central Management System

  • Centrally configure ScreenBeam receivers
  • Group receivers by location
  • Remotely update receiver firmware
  • Change group policies on the receivers
ScreenBeam CMS Perpetual License is Included in ScreenBeam 750 and 960

ScreenBeam CMS Perpetual License for ScreenBeam Enterprise 950/950P

ScreenBeam CMS Perpetual License for ScreenBeam Education Edition 2/SMB/Business Edition, Ethernet Version

ScreenBeam CMS Perpetual License for ScreenBeam Education Edition 2/SMB/Business Edition, Wireless Version


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Device Management for IT

Managing devices across a large deployment can be challenging without the right solution. Actiontec is the only company to bring Enterprise Class management to wireless display devices. ScreenBeam Central Management System (CMS) is a powerful tool that lets IT Administrator manage all the receivers deployed across the company. Whether 100 or 1000 receivers are deployed, whether they are in one building or spread out across the country, ScreenBeam CMS lets you see and manage every receiver deployed in your network. ScreenBeam CMS enables IT to easily deploy, manage, remotely configure, group, customize, apply policies, and push device firmware updates and all ScreenBeam receivers within the network.

Industry Standard for Wireless Display

ScreenBeam solutions are used as the validation platform for wireless display functionality by companies like Microsoft, Intel, and leading PC OEM and device companies. Actiontec is Microsoft’s lead partner for wireless display and worked with Microsoft to develop wireless display capabilities in Windows 8.1 and 10 with Continuum. ScreenBeam is an official development partner for Windows 10 Continuum and is deployed in 1,600 Microsoft campus conference rooms.

Because of Actiontec’s deep roots as the industry leader, and our ongoing investment in supporting industry device manufacturers, you can be assured that you’re deploying the most broadly compatible, feature rich wireless display platform.

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