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Why is ScreenBeam
a better alternative to Barco ClickShare Conference?

  • Best-In-Class wireless display integration with UC Rooms without needing proprietary software.
  • Completely wireless allows safe contactless collaboration.
  • No ClickShare dongle needed here!

ScreenBeam is the Better Choice for Hybrid Environments

As we look to the future, we see our offices as places for collaboration between both in-person and remote meeting participants.  Enabling the hybrid workforce to be successful requires technology that is flexible and simple to use while also bringing equitable meeting experiences to all employees.

ScreenBeam Conference wirelessly connects the room camera, microphone and soundbar to the host’s device. Users can participate in a scheduled or ad-hoc meeting using their laptop and UC conferencing service of choice and take full advantage of the room peripherals. ScreenBeam Conference eliminates contact with shared touchpoints for a safer meeting experience.

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Advantages of ScreenBeam Conference

Superior Performance

ScreenBeam’s unique approach to conferencing reduces processing loads on the user’s system delivering a smoother and more reliable conferencing experience.

Cost Savings

ScreenBeam 1100 Plus delivers world-class performance and flexibility, and currently priced >$750 less than the Barco CX-20!

Contactless Platform

No ClickShare dongle needed here! ScreenBeam Conference wirelessly connects users to the in-room display and USB AV peripherals from their own device. Users get a completely contactless experience eliminating touch points with dongles, buttons, cables and room control systems.

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ScreenBeam’s Total Cost of Ownership for Wireless Presentation and Conferencing is unbeatable!

It is easy to see why ScreenBeam customers gain a significant TCO advantage over Barco ClickShare Conference. ScreenBeam offers Conference software free with every ScreenBeam 1100 Plus receiver and without a licensing fee. With an MSRP of $1,199 and no ongoing fees, ScreenBeam solutions are roughly a third of the cost of a Barco option over a three-year period for new customers.

Customer Total Cost of Ownership

This information includes hardware and software and is based upon publicly available data found on each vendors website at the time of this posting. 

How ScreenBeam Conference compares to Barco ClickShare Conference

ScreenBeam Conference
1100 Plus
Barco ClickShare
Barco ClickShare
Barco ClickShare
List Price$1,199$1,950+$2,450+$2,950+
Contactless wireless screen sharing Requires App or Dongle Requires App or Dongle Requires App or Dongle
Native Wireless Display (Windows 10/11, Android, Apple & Chromcast) NO APP REQUIRED Requires App or Dongle Requires App or Dongle Requires App or Dongle
BYOM Conference Tool FREE
Native Office 365 Touch/Inking Collaboration Windows 10/11 Windows 10/11 Windows 10/11 Windows 10/11
No Latency Ghost Inking™ (wireless)
Digital Signage
Centralized Management CMS-E XMS Cloud XMS Cloud XMS Cloud

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