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ScreenBeam | USB Pro Switch

Unlock the power of your Microsoft Teams Rooms

While UCC platforms such as Microsoft Teams Room (MTR) provide a simple experience for in-room participants to start Teams meetings, they are limited in how well they bridge the gap between people across a hybrid work environment. Simple things such as wireless content sharing from a personal device during an MTR hosted meeting require in-room participants to join the meeting just to share content.

If your meetings take place on UCC platforms other than Microsoft Teams, your options to join are limited. If the room display is touch-enabled, MTR limits presenter’s abilities to utilize those very productive features.

USB Pro Switch intelligently enhances UC room integration

ScreenBeam USB Pro Switch overcomes these challenges and enhances UC room integration when paired with a ScreenBeam 1100 Plus wireless display receiver. USB Pro Switch allows MTR to seamlessly co-exist with Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) and In-Room wireless presentations by intelligently sharing the room resources. ScreenBeam enables the room assets, such as the camera, microphone, speaker, and touchscreen display capabilities to be shared regardless of the room configuration.

Not every meeting space is equipped with an MTR. So for those spaces ScreenBeam USB Pro Switch provides users the flexibility to choose to go wireless or wired for their BYOM session, allowing guest presenters with locked down devices to still drive the meeting.

USA Catalog number: SBUSBSW4


ScreenBeam Webinar

Ready to unlock the power of your Microsoft Teams Room?

Register for our free webinars and join our ScreenBeam technology experts as they give a live demonstration of how to allow your UCC meeting room to seamlessly co-exist with BYOM and ad-hoc presentations. Learn the latest features and benefits of ScreenBeam Conference software along with our award-winning 1100 Plus Wireless Display Receiver and intelligent sharing of room resources with ScreenBeam USB Pro Switch.

Enables MTR, BYOM and in-room wireless presentations without additional room resource devices

Enhances MTR meetings by adding wireless content sharing

Supports annotation on touch displays during wireless content sharing sessions

For rooms without an MTR, adds hardwire support for both HDMI displays and USB Cameras

Unlock all your meeting room scenarios
with ScreenBeam

BYOM Wireless or Wired

For rooms without a UC platform, ScreenBeam USB Pro Switch provides support for either BYOM or wired connections:

  • User connects to ScreenBeam using SB Conference for both in-room wireless presentation and BYOM meetings on UC platform of choice
  • Optionally, user can connect using cables on conference room table. ScreenBeam USB Pro Switch automatically switches camera to appropriate device. ScreenBeam 1100 Plus will default to wired connection.
  • Additionally, user can connect wirelessly for presentation and use USB cable to connect to the room camera

BYOM Plus MTR (shared camera only)

For rooms configured with MTR but user wants to add flexibility of BYOM for non-MTR meetings:

  • User can host/join MTR meeting using in room controller. Then connect to the ScreenBeam 1100 Plus for content sharing.
  • Optionally, user can deploy ScreenBeam Conference to connect to ScreenBeam 1100 Plus for BYOM (non-MTR meeting), camera will auto switch to the ScreenBeam 1100 Plus. Camera defaults back to MTR when BYOM session ends.
  • Additionally, user can connect with ScreenBeam 1100 Plus for in-room wireless presentation for non-UC meetings.

BYOM Plus MTR (shared camera and touchscreen)

For users that desire the ultimate flexibility of a MTR with content sharing, BYOM plus touch display support, two ScreenBeam USB Pro Switches are required:

  •  User can Host/Join Teams meetings using the MTR Controller. User then connects to the ScreenBeam 1100 Plus for content sharing with touch display support during MTR meeting.
  • Optionally, user can deploy ScreenBeam Conference to connect to ScreenBeam 1100 Plus for BYOM (non-MTR meeting). The camera and touchscreen automatically switch to ScreenBeam 1100 Plus, and defaults back to MTR when BYOM session ends.
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