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ScreenBeam 1000 EDU

Airtame 2

ScreenBeam is the Better Choice for Teaching Environments

The classroom has been transformed. Flat Panel Displays and Projectors have replaced the chalkboard to engage students with compelling multimedia, video, audio, and interactive digital mark-up. ScreenBeam 1000 EDU is simply the best choice for wireless presentation, while untethering teachers from the front of the classroom.

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Advantages of ScreenBeam 1000 EDU

ScreenBeam’s 1000 EDU Receiver provides Best-In-Class wireless display integration, enabling highly flexible content and device management. 1000 EDU supports up to 4K video and works with Windows 10/11 and 11, MacOS, iOS, Chrome OS, and Android based devices. Teachers can wirelessly display up to four student screens simultaneously for a fully managed digital classroom experience.

Airtame 2 is a small device specifically designed for 1080p/60 resolutions. Adapters are required to use Ethernet or a Touch Screen Display. The ScreenBeam 1000 EDU is simply a much more capable wireless display solution and provides a stronger ROI and TCO.

ScreenBeam Classroom Commander, free with the 1000 EDU, allows teachers complete classroom device orchestration, including Chromebooks. Integrated with SIS/OneRoster, Classroom Commander give the teacher full control and moderation of student devices and ensures that each student is fully engaged in the lesson.

Airtame Cloud is required to manage your Airtame 2 devices and run simple Digital Signage remotely but if you want additional features, such as advanced signage, room scheduling, or welcome screens an ongoing subscription is required for Airtame Cloud Plus at $12 per month per device. For large deployments, that subscription cost scales very quickly.

Free with the 1000 EDU, ScreenBeam’s Central Management System Enterprise (CMS-E) enables:


  1. IT control with on premise installation of CMS-E, not a cloud connection. Can be deployed on LAN without internet connectivity.
  2. Remote Management of all connected ScreenBeam Receivers, including 1000 EDU
  3. Remote Firmware Updating, Troubleshooting, Behavior Scheduling, Special Feature Configuration at no extra charge
  4. Urgent Notification System to integrate with your Emergency Response Program included

How ScreenBeam 1000 EDU compares to Airtame 2

ScreenBeam 1000 EDUAirtame 2
List Price$499.99$499.00
Central Management Free, on premise. CMS-E Free, in Cloud. Subscription required for advanced features
ResolutionUp to 4K1080p/60
Contactless Wireless Screen Sharing Requires App
Classroom Orchestration Tool
ScreenBeam Alert, Messaging System
Native Office 365 Touch/Inking Collaboration Yes* + Patented No Latency Ghost Inking Technology Limited by 1080p resolution
Multi-View Up to 4 screens Limited by 1080p resolution
Digital Signage Basic Yes, Advanced requires Subscription to Cloud Plus

Total Cost of Ownership

ScreenBeam’s Total Cost of Ownership for the Digital Classroom is unbeatable!

ScreenBeam customers gain a significant TCO advantage over Airtame. ScreenBeam Classroom Commander and Central Management System Enterprise are free with every ScreenBeam 1000 EDU receiver without a licensing fee. With a MSRP of $499.00 and no ongoing fees, ScreenBeam solutions are 46% less than the cost of Airtame 2 over a three-year period for new customers.

ScreenBeam  1000 EDU

$499.00 | CMS-E included, no additional subscription costs
$499.00 | Total Cost first year
$499.00 | Total Cost over 3 years

Airtame 2

$643.00 | $499 device + $144 annual Airtame Cloud Plus subscription
$643.00 | Total Cost first year
$931.00 | Total Cost over 3 years

1 Year

3 Years Plus

*Airtame Cloud Plus Subscriptions are modeled on number of devices and enable additional features.

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