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Orchestrate by ScreenBeam enables a unique combination of powerful instructional tools, classroom management, and wireless display in one simple application.

Orchestrate by ScreenBeam: Where Modern Teaching Meets Innovation

Orchestrate by ScreenBeam is designed to provide instructors in a 1:1 environment a better way to collaborate and interact with students with tools that help the teacher engage the students as part of the instructional process.For student device management, Orchestrate by ScreenBeam supports up to 50 student Windows and Chromebook devices without taxing the teacher’s laptop, the school’s network, or requiring additional servers.

Concurrent Mode

Screenbeam can be joined in either Standard mode or with orchestrate without administrator intervention.

Real-time Monitoring

Real-time view of student screens / activity. Not just browser – whole screen view.


Capture any image from a document camera, PDF, or other source from the teacher screen and send to student screens at the push of a button.

Teacher/Student Ink and Touchback

Windows exclusive feature allows teacher to collaborate with wirelessly inking and touch to student devices when used with IFP.

Lock Screen

Blank and lock user inputs on student devices.

Web Launch

Open websites on student devices in an instant.

Orchestrate by ScreenBeam can boost EDU AI tools like Microsoft CoPilot!

More Features

WIRELESS DISPLAY – Teacher and Student can share screens wirelessly with teacher approval.
SNIP TO SAVE – Teacher can Capture screenshots of student desktops to save for formative assessment or to discuss later.
GROUP CHAT – Teacher-Student Chat initiated by teacher to individual or groups of students. No student-to-student chat unless in the group with teacher.
ROSTERING – Connects to rostering service to automatically pull in student name/info into class (One Roster Compatible)
USER AUTHENTICATION WITH AAD – Students will automatically join class session when teacher begins one.
MULTIPLE BROWSER SUPPORT – Edge (Chromium) and Chrome browsers.
EMAIL REPORTS OF ROSTER IMPORTS – Send reports that inform your it team the result of a roster import and details of any errors

* Every ScreenBeam 1000 series device can run Orchestrate which is provided with a license and a firmware update. System requirements will be provided but all modern devices including Windows and Chromebooks will be able to connect to ScreenBeam with Orchestrate enabled.

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