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Case Study

Fostering Success

How to build a technology-enabled environment for successful learning outcomes.

Prepared by Dan Root, Senior Analyst, Wainhouse Research

Industry: K-8
Service: Active Learning, Wireless Casting and Collaboration

The Flint Cultural Center Academy (FCCA) in Michigan is a technology-focused K-8 charter school that shares a multi-purpose campus with a museum and cultural center. To foster engagement and adoption, the FCCA deployed ScreenBeam 1000 EDU with Classroom Commander classroom orchestration software and 1100 Plus devices throughout the campus, creating a flexible learning environment that addressed a wide array of use cases and was easy to provision, manage and adopt.

“We use Classroom Commander anytime the students are doing group work, and often times they share content to the main display. We also have the kids lead a lesson through Classroom Commander.”

Heather Cichon, 4th Grade Teacher FCCA

“Learning to use ScreenBeam was easy, and I picked it up on my first try. The kids found it easy as well and they all know how to press CTRL+K.”

Chelsey Nolan, Principal FCCA

Download the case study to learn how ScreenBeam solved the school’s remote learning challenges by meeting the primary considerations in the decision-making process including on-campus testing, security and management at scale.

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