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Case Study

The Need for Collaboration

How ScreenBeam and Dell provided a flexible, high-performing wireless collaboration experience.

Prepared by ScreenBeam

Industry: Higher Education
Service: Active Learning, Wireless Casting and Collaboration

James Cook University supports over 20,000 students across three campuses located in Townsville and Cairns, Australia, and Singapore with a network of study centers, clinical schools and field stations. To foster engagement and adoption, the University standardized on ScreenBeam 1100 Plus receivers with Dell large format displays to facilitate both classroom wireless casting and conferencing capabilities, supporting any presenter device regardless of OS, combined with central management and enterprise-grade security.

“What sets ScreenBeam apart is its compatibility and reliability. With 1100 Plus, our connections are rock-solid, ensuring an uninterrupted flow of information during presentations and collaborative sessions. Plus, it is compatible with a range of devices from laptops to smartphones, from Windows to iOS. That makes it an incredibly versatile tool for our team.”

ICT Assistant Manager,
Louie Soriano.

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