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ScreenBeam Deal Registration


  • Actiontec offers the “Deal Registration tools” to support their partners. Deal Registration is granted on a first-come, first serve basis only valid for the opportunity registered.

    Partner is responsible to ensure that the end user will buy through them. Actiontec cannot influence end user’s decisions. Actiontec reserves the right to cancel an approved registration deal. It is the responsibility of the partner to manage the deal registration and update it when necessary.

    Benefits include:
    Additional discount (based on the MSRP) for approved deals ONLY.

    • Extra 5% margin on deal quantities of 49 units or less upon acceptance
    • Extra 10% * margin on deal quantities of 50 units or more upon acceptance

    *Required: buddy call with your Actiontec account manager, and your end customer to qualify opportunity

    Increased chance to win the sale.
    Assistance from your account manager to help you close the deal.
    Early pre-sales and engineering support to help win the business.

    Program Highlights:
    Deal Registration is awarded on a first-come, first serve basis for approved partners only.
    Once the information is submitted, the Sales Manager reviews the request and responds within TWO business days.
    The registration will remain valid for 120 days (and may be renewed).

    Rules of Engagement:
    Only one registration per opportunity will be accepted.
    Opportunities cannot be combined.
    Registered opportunities will typically be accepted or rejected within TWO business days.
    Buddy calls are required for deals of 50 or more units.
    Once an opportunity is registered and approved, your Actiontec account manager will reach out to you to support you through the entire sales cycle. If you don’t have an account manager, we’ll provide one for you.

    Type of possible Rejections:
    Opportunity already exists in Actiontec database.

  • Reseller Information

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY

  • *If deal registration is more than 50 units, but actual order submitted to distribution is less than 50 units rebate amount is subject to change.

  • Distributor Information

  • This distributor is the ONLY one that will receive Deal Registration paper work.

  • End User Information

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