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ScreenBeam Rewards

Do you know edtech leaders who would love to learn more about ScreenBeamScreenBeam?

As a ScreenBeam Expert, share the power of ScreenBeam to edtech leaders in your community and get rewards for referring us to edtech leaders!

How Does It Work?

Step 1

Share this form to 3 edtech leaders.*

Step 2

3 edtech leaders complete the form and receive a ScreenBeam trial.*


Step 3

Your school gets a $300 donation from ScreenBeam, and you get a ScreenBeam 960 receiver too!**

*Edtech leaders include teachers, media/edtech specialists, principals, IT, and administrators who work in Windows 10/11 schools.

*Edtech leaders must be in a school that has not deployed ScreenBeam yet.

*ScreenBeam will notify the ScreenBeam Expert if the referred edtech leader qualifies for a ScreenBeam trial.

**ScreenBeam Expert’s name will be recognized on the donation to the school.

**ScreenBeam Experts can receive up to two ScreenBeam 960 receivers throughout 2018.

For any questions or information, please e-mail

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