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How to Plan for Conference Room Social Distancing Post Covid-19


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Implementing Changes to Your Conference Rooms Will Be Essential for Employee Safety


Personal space has taken on a new meaning since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, and proper social distancing has been recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and many other experts to control the spread of the virus.

As shelter-in-place requirements begin to loosen, companies worldwide are considering how to transition back to the workplace safely. One of the most serious considerations will be how to make changes to conference rooms and meeting spaces to ensure social distancing and employee safety.

Learn how ScreenBeam 1100 Plus wireless presentation can help facilities and AV/IT teams create safe employee group collaboration, implement contactless technologies in meeting spaces​ and find ways to communicate company safety policies.  

  • Eliminate contact points in meeting spaces with ScreenBeam 1100 Plus. The only app-free cross-platform 4K wireless presentation system that eliminates contact with cables, adapters, remote controls and switches.
  • Utilize displays in meeting spaces and large common areas to transmit employee and guest communications with integrated HTML-based digital signage functionality.
  • Utilize displays positioned in workspace areas for contactless “stand-up” meetings.

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Touchpoints and Confined Spaces

Consider all the technology in most meeting spaces—dongles, cables, switches, etc. The best way to reduce these is by using wireless connections, which also means people don’t need to cluster. App-free wireless presentations allows presenters to connect directly from their own PC without having to touch a physical connector.

Can You Collaborate Six Feet Apart?

Stand up meetings have several benefits—attendees will likely be more concise, leading to more meaningful meetings in less time. There are also associated health benefits from standing versus sitting. These types of gatherings will likely work better in larger spaces rather than a designated conference room. You can repurpose areas that are open and use a wall-mounted screen and wireless display to show visuals and agendas and keep discussions focused.

Digital Signage Is a Powerful Tool for Communication

Conference room digital signage can provide you with a communication channel that enhances the workplace while also providing social distancing advantages. Sharing messages on a display reduces touchpoints and workplace clutter. Admins can quickly and easily connect to displays to quickly update content to improve the office experience. It can also serve as a means to inform and share information with employees about COVID-19 related policies.
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