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The Difference Between Chromecast and ScreenBeam Mini 2

If you want to stream content from your mobile device to an HDTV, you need a wireless solution. Currently, there are two main options: Chromecast and ScreenBeam Mini2.
There are some significant differences between the two options that you should be aware of before choosing.


First, with the Chromecast system, you need a stable Wi-Fi connection. You then need to install an app on your device (mobile phone, tablet or laptop) and purchase  a dongle that supports this technology.

Chromecast uses your mobile device as a remote control to playback content from the Internet. It limits the user to specific Internet content that can be streamed to your TV. Currently this includes Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, the Google Play Store and some other services.  Chromecast does not “mirror” all the content from your device to the big screen.

ScreenBeam Mini2 & Miracast


A more flexible solution is the ScreenBeam Mini2. Using its Miracast technology, you can quickly and easily stream any content from your mobile device to a TV without the need for a WiFi network connection.

All you need is two things: 1] first, a Miracast enabled device, like an Android phone or tablet, and 2] second, a ScreenBeam Mini2 receiver plugged into your HDTV.

You will connect instantly and are not limited to certain online streaming services. Instead, it “mirrors” anything on your mobile screen directly to the HDTV. With the Mini2 you get a seamless, wireless connection that streams high-definition content on any big screen.

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