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Orchestrate by ScreenBeam debuts at Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC)

Redefining the modern classroom, Orchestrate by ScreenBeam is an instructional tool for classroom orchestration and student management enabling a dynamic, student-centric model that empowers teachers to share and collaborate with their students in a 1:1 classroom. Teacher and student wireless presentation, touchscreen support, student monitoring, and moderation frees the teacher from the front of the room. ScreenBeam enables student engagement lacking in other classroom management tools.

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — Jan 23, 2024 — ScreenBeam Inc., a global leader in wireless display and collaboration solutions for education and business environments, releases Orchestrate by ScreenBeam, an intuitive instructional tool for classroom orchestration and student management. Orchestrate uniquely combines wireless screen sharing with modern classroom management capabilities, enhancing teacher and student engagement in a 1:1 environment. Orchestrate will debut at Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) in Orlando, Florida, from January 23-26, 2024.

The importance of a teacher’s physical proximity to students during instruction or monitoring positively influences the learning process. Orchestrate by ScreenBeam, paired with ScreenBeam 1000 series* wireless display receivers, allows teachers freedom of instruction from any point in the classroom, engaging students where they sit. Unlike other classroom management tools focused primarily on device monitoring and control, Orchestrate by ScreenBeam promotes a student-centric approach to instruction with teacher mobility, touch screen interactivity, and student wireless presentation, improving behavior and learning outcomes.

“In designing Orchestrate by ScreenBeam, we focused on the challenges of the instructional space in the 1:1 era to develop key tools to help instructors engage and instruct directly with their students,” said David Lopez, ScreenBeam Director of Education Strategy. “Existing classroom management solutions stem from an old computer lab-based environment model which excludes untethered teaching. We are excited to give our customers more collaboration and interaction opportunities with students while ensuring a clear benefit from technology in digital learning environments.”

Orchestrate by ScreenBeam supports up to 50 student Windows and Chromebook devices without taxing the teacher’s laptop, the school’s network, or requiring additional servers.

Orchestrate by ScreenBeam features include:

  • Real-time Monitoring: Real-time view of student screens and activity. Not just browser/tab-based but full-screen view
  • Teacher moderated student presentation: Students can share screens wirelessly with teacher approval
  • Up to 50 Students at once: Connect student devices to class sessions for collaboration
  • Snip-to-share: Easily capture teacher screen content and send it to student devices
  • Patented Ghost Inking™ technology removes any wireless inking latency for a more intuitive and natural pen-to-paper experience
  • Concurrent Mode: Teachers can intuitively move between Orchestrate and ad hoc wireless screen presentations without IT or administrator intervention
  • Web Launch: Send and open websites on student devices instantly
  • Auto-join Rostering: Student devices automatically join the class session through rostering services. (One Roster compatible)

* Orchestrate by ScreenBeam is an add-on to the ScreenBeam 1000 series wireless display receivers. Contact a ScreenBeam Education Expert for information or submit for a free trial.

About ScreenBeam
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