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End of Life (EOL) Notice for ScreenBeam 750 effective 5/12/2023

But we have you covered with these outstanding solutions designed to your needs!

Accredited K12 education institutions

Check out the 1000 EDU standards-based wireless display with classroom orchestration to improve student and teacher engagement.

Corporate and Higher Education

Check out the 1100 Plus wireless display with connectivity to room USB peripheral and compatible with major UC platforms for BYOM.

ScreenBeam 750 is a wireless display receiver for educators and business professionals who want trouble-free wireless presenting.

ScreenBeam 750 modernizes classrooms and meeting spaces with the latest Miracast wireless display technology for better collaboration and productivity. Eliminating apps and wires enables a fast connection between a Miracast enabled device and room display. Teachers and presenters are free to drive content from anywhere in the room. Central Management System (CMS) software is included for remote management of receivers, providing enterprise-class security and manageability that IT departments need.

ScreenBeam 750 is a wireless display receiver for educators and business professionals who want trouble-free wireless presenting.
ScreenBeam 750 Wireless Display Receiver with ScreenBeam CMS,
Wireless Version

With the ScreenBeam 750

  • Miracast standard creates P2P wireless connection
  • Drive content from anywhere in the room
  • Switch presenters seamlessly
  • Start meetings on time, no setup delays
  • Let students present work from desks
  • Improve collaboration and interactivity
  • Display any content, apps, videos, websites, and more
  • Small platform makes it easy to take screen mirroring anywhere
  • Simple, no cables or apps to install
  • Eliminate cable cost and clutter

Untethered Teachers

ScreenBeam 750 increases productivity and collaboration by enabling real mobility, interactivity and collaboration in classrooms. No longer are teachers stuck at the front of the classroom with a wired connection from their computer to the display. Teachers are now free to move around the classroom, creating an interactive and collaborative learning environment. The ScreenBeam 750 is ideal for small-to-medium deployments in school districts that seek higher student engagement, collaboration and interactivity.

Wireless Advantage for the Conference Room

ScreenBeam 750 increases productivity and collaboration by enabling real mobility, interactivity, productivity and collaboration in conference rooms, collaboration spaces and meetings. No more do busy professionals need to scramble around to find the right cable, or shuffle seats to sit near the projector during important meetings. Modern devices wirelessly connect to the display with ease and users may present from anywhere in the room.

Device Management for IT

ScreenBeam Central Management System (CMS) is included with the ScreenBeam 750 with a free perpetual license for the life of the product. CMS includes a software that enables IT to easily deploy, manage, remotely configure, group, customize, apply policies, and push device firmware updates and all ScreenBeam receivers within the network. With the free ScreenBeam local management console included in the receiver, set up is simple. Users may rename a receiver, manage display ports, or change the PIN pairing password and much more.

No Wi-Fi Network Required

ScreenBeam 750 connects directly to computers, tablets, and mobile devices. Now you can move heavy video traffic off the network, saving valuable bandwidth. The dedicated connection means users will not worry about crashing, lag times, and choppy or freezing video, which saves precious time. ScreenBeam 750 features robust performance that delivers professional display quality and very low latency.


Compatible with Your Gear

ScreenBeam 750 is optimized for Windows 10/11, Windows 8.1, and Android 4.2+ devices that support the Wi-Fi Miracast standard. For non-Miracast devices, ScreenBeam offers the ScreenBeam USB Transmitter and software for Windows 7/8 systems.

Technical Specifications



  • H.264 compression
  • HDMI up to full 1080p30 resolution


  • Supports LPCM

A/V Interface

  • HDMI Type-A female connector
  • VGA via adapter (included)


  • 802.11n Dual-band
  • WPA2-AES 128-bit, WPS virtual PBC

Content Protection

  • HDCP 2.x

Power Input

  • Input: 5V/2A
  • Consumption: Less than 5W


HDMI-to-VGA Adapter (Model #YZ-050)

  • Supports VGA output, 10-bit resolution up to 165MHz pixel rate of up to (1080p and UXGA)
  • Supports LPCM
  • Supports VGA output: 480I/P, 576I/P, 720P, 1080I/P, 640×480, 800×600, 1024×768, 1280×720, 1280×768, 1280×800, 1280×960, 1360×768, 1366×768, and 1920×1080
  • Does not support protected content playback


• HDTV or Projector with available HDMI® or VGA port

System Requirements
• Windows 10/11 & 8.1 (with Miracast wireless display support)
• Windows 7/8 with ScreenBeam USB Transmitter (sold separately)

Devices Supported/Compatibility
• Windows 10/11/8.1 laptops, tablets, and 2-in-1s with wireless display support
• Surface & Surface Pro 3 & 4
• Windows 7/8 with ScreenBeam USB Transmitter
• Android mobile devices with wireless display support


Regulatory and compliance
• FCC, IC, UL, CE, SRRC, C-Tick, RoHS and WEEE
• Certified for all major regions (North America, EU/EMEA, APAC, Australia, Russia and South America)

• Certified Wi-Fi Miracast (pending)

• VGA does not support protected content (HDCP)
• Actual display resolution depends on a number of factors, including source signal quality
• Minimum system requirements apply
• Not compatible with iOS devices

• 1-year

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