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Brian Friedlander

Dr. Friedlander is a professor at the College of St. Elizabeth in New Jersey who teaches special education and technology courses. He also has a background in psychology and is an assistive technology consultant. Dr. Friedlander has spent most of his career training thousands of educators on the use of various educational technologies to help support learning in the classroom. With all of the demands of teaching, research, committee meetings and advisement, Dr. Friedlander is an advocate of using mind mapping tools to increase teaching efficiency and to process information more easily.

As an innovative teacher who enjoys using cutting edge technology in the classroom, Dr. Friedlander loves to supplement his teaching with ScreenBeam. ScreenBeam allows him to share content from his Surface Pro and Dell Venue tablets while freely move around the classroom and interacting with his students. The new level of mobility enables him to focus on teaching his students on a deeper level. When he’s traveling, he carries a ScreenBeam in his briefcase because it’s an essential tool that brings curriculum to life in his classroom.

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