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Dean Vendramin

Dean is a high school math and science teacher at Archbishop M.C. O’Neill High School in Regina, Canada. With a bachelor’s degree in secondary education from the University of Regina, and a graduate studies diploma in education technology, Dean believes that education should nurture one’s mind, body, and spirit. He has a passion to help students foster a love of learning and treating one another with dignity and respect.

Dean also dedicates his time to encourage others to develop 21st Century learning skills and to embrace technology as a powerful learning tool to differentiate, motivate, and refine learning in the classroom. He is honored to be a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and Mineraft Global Mentor who is always looking to share new ideas and collaborate.

With ScreenBeam in his classroom, Dean is impressed that ScreenBeam is able to untether him from the front of the classroom, providing unprecedented classroom agility and allowing his students to share their work effortlessly with the rest of the class. He has found that ScreenBeaam helps his classroom activities become more fluid, interactive, and innovative because he is able to present content and demonstrations in an efficient and effortless manner. He enjoys using ScreenBeam with various education technology tools such as Minecraft, OneNote, and Formative.

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