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Joe Archer

Joe Archer is a Grade 5/6 teacher at Lakewood Elementary School in Port Dover, Ontario, Canada. In addition, he is a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, Microsoft Fellow, Microsoft Trainer, Global Minecraft Educator, and Digital Lead Learner in Grand Erie School District.

He is passionate about early inquiry-based learning, loves tech-based programs that will support and help students and families, and is a lifelong learner who is eager to collaborate with all types of people across the world.

With ScreenBeam Classroom Commander, Joe is able to create a whole new level of collaboration in his classroom. He loves how ScreenBeam makes it super easy to share student work on the projector screen and to provide immediate feedback. He also uses ScreenBeam to discretely get his students back on track. Some of his favorite apps that he likes to use with ScreenBeam include OneNote, Minecraft, Lifeliqe, Kahoot, and Micro:bit. He would be going back to the dark ages of teaching without his ScreenBeam!

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