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Renee Barr

Renee Barr teaches 7th grade math at Renton Prep Christian School, a Microsoft Showcase School in Washington. She is a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert who is passionate about teaching math and enjoys spending time with her students. Renee loves to share new strategies for teaching math and motivate her students to develop a deeper understanding and overall appreciation for math. Helping students relate to the math that they are working on increases student engagement and retention of key concepts. Strategies that Renee has found effective include real world applications, student voice, digital ink, creativity, implementing Microsoft tools such as OneNote and Forms, Desmos, Minecraft, and ScreenBeam.

ScreenBeam changes the dynamics in Renee’s classroom. Renee uses ScreenBeam everyday because it allows her to teach from anywhere in the room, which helps her lessons flow more smoothly. She loves to be next to her students and share lessons on the projector at the same time. Together with OneNote, ScreenBeam enables her students to see live digital ink on the class display, which is groundbreaking for math. When her students are working on their Minecraft projects, ScreenBeam helps them take ownership over their work and truly gives them an audience.

Watch Renee’s video about OneNote and ScreenBeam

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