Modernize Enterprise Meeting Rooms and Collaboration Spaces

ScreenBeam Wireless Display creates more engaging, productive and collaborative meetings.


With ScreenBeam wireless display, presenters are free to move around the room and interact with participants, fostering better interaction and collaboration. Now anyone in the room can wirelessly connect to the display.

ScreenBeam wireless display solutions empower today’s modern devices to easily connect to displays and projectors – wirelessly. Wireless display technology spares users the hassle of hunting down the right cable, connector, or input. Productivity skyrockets, saving valuable hours per week per meeting room.

ScreenBeam streamlines the process of connecting PCs, tablets, and mobile devices to conference room displays. The receiver eliminates cable clutter and ultimately creates a highly collaborative environment.

The Wireless Revolution


ScreenBeam Wireless display enables devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones to quickly establish a display connection without wires. They completely eliminate wired display connections and empower you to quickly connect using wireless display functionality that’s already built-in to many operating systems. Wireless display is more than just screen mirroring; it can increase productivity and deliver powerful entertainment experiences. It is a low-latency, high-performance, full-HD video connection.

Conference rooms, meeting rooms, classrooms, collaboration and huddle spaces are quickly becoming wireless display enabled. Actiontec’s dedicated portfolio of ScreenBeam wireless display solutions provides a range of options for taking the next step. ScreenBeam is trusted all around the world. Global Fortune 500 companies, small and medium businesses, and countless educational institutions around the globe count on ScreenBeam to power their Wireless Display experiences every day.

The Case for ScreenBeam Wireless Display

Wireless Display offers several significant benefits:


Wireless freedom.

Freedom to move freely around the room, and engage with your audience or classroom while still driving the content on the screen. Effortlessly collaborate with the entire room or one-to-one for optimal results.


Multiplatform flexibility.

Whether you have a Windows, Android or MacOS device, ScreenBeam wireless display has you covered. Enjoy the freedom of wireless display and collaboration with all your favorite platforms.


Connect instantly.

Just swipe, click or tap to connect. Change presenters, devices, presentations and more, smoothly and effortlessly. No more hunting around for the right display connector to get meetings or presentations started.

These benefits offer real-world advantages for IT departments:



Simple deployment and management eliminates the replacement costs, device specificity and troubleshooting for cables and adapters.



Eliminating long cable runs to projectors and displays offers significant cost savings for new installations and system upgrades.



Remote device management, provisioning, and troubleshooting saves time and resources.

Full HD Connectivity without the Wires

ScreenBeam wireless display solutions are so good, you won’t even notice you’re connected wirelessly. In fact, once you start using Wireless Display, connecting with cables will seem ridiculous. So whether you’re enabling your conference rooms, or outfitting your road warriors with mobile solutions, Actiontec has the right ScreenBeam solution for you.


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