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Untether teachers, inspire learners, and optimize your IT investments.

Modern learning is all about collaboration, personalization, and team-based projects.

ScreenBeam wireless screen sharing gives teachers freedom of movement to change the trajectory of their classrooms to be more collaborative in new and dynamic ways.

Centralizing on ScreenBeam will take the worry out of managing display and projector operating systems.

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Wireless vs All-in-One Displays

Why Starting with Wireless Just Makes Sense

How all-in-one displays keep teachers tied to the front of the classroom – and why this is bad in today’s learning environment.

Share content your way

Universal device support for Miracast, AirPlay and Google Cast eliminates connectivity issues with enhanced network and device security.


Miracast peer-to-peer connectivity allows users to share content wirelessly, use extended display, and take full advantage of Microsoft 365 features, including touch screen support and inking.


Supports AirPlay native in macOS and iOS devices by simply connecting your device to same network as the ScreenBeam receiver or local Wi-Fi.

Google Cast

Wirelessly display over the network with the Google Cast function on all Android devices, and Chromebook/ChromeOS devices.

Why Top 50 School Districts are Standardizing on ScreenBeam

Fostering Success

Flint Cultural Center Academy replaced existing consumer-grade wireless display with ScreenBeam in their classrooms and meeting spaces because of its ability to address a wide array of use cases and meet user experience, remote management and security considerations.

Palm Beach State College enables secure active-learning at scale using ScreenBeam 1100 Plus.

Responding to the growing demand for hybrid learning, Palm Beach State College deployed the ScreenBeam 1100P to streamline wireless interactions and better serve the diverse learning needs of their extensive commuter population.

The Need for Collaboration

James Cook University moves to hassle-free presentations with ScreenBeam 1100 Plus transforming its classrooms into secure hybrid learning spaces. The result has revolutionized the way staff works elevating team productivity to new levels and positioning the University as an innovation leader in their regions.

Digital Signage & Emergency Alerts

Optimize displays to convey information

When displays in classrooms and staff rooms are not in use, take advantage of integrated HTML-based digital signage capability to educate, inform and alert staff and students.

Alerts is a powerful tool to enhance your existing Emergency Response Programs. It allows you to transmit alerts and notifications to all classrooms and spaces equipped with a ScreenBeam-enabled display.

Hybrid learning, HyFlex learning

Create collaborative learning environments for remote and in-person students

Allow both in-person and online learners to join the conversation live, as well as for asynchronous students to view the lesson later. ScreenBeam’s HyFlex Classroom solution allows educators to walk into a room and connect to the display and to teach in-person while also connecting to students online.

Centralized Management and Security

Reduce the time and cost of managing ScreenBeam receivers

Role-based access supports multiple simultaneous administrators and allows for different privilege levels among administrators. With a scalable architecture, administrators can monitor and manage large deployments with ease.


  • Browser-based interface provides at-a-glance easy access to critical data.
  • PIN pairing options providing IT/AV departments control over the user connection models.
  • Perpetual License is included in commercial receivers.

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