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Mobility is the Key to Future-Ready Schools

Teacher Agility Transforms Classrooms

Wireless screen mirroring is essential in any modern classroom. It helps to create a flexible teaching environment and allows the teacher to get out of the front of the classroom to connect and collaborate with students while using technology. The result is better ROI on technology investments and improvement in student engagement.

ScreenBeam provides districts and schools around the globe a wireless presentation solution to create agile learning spaces, conference rooms and board rooms.  Teachers are free to move around the room and more easily adjust to social distancing protocols, and even in some cases adjust to a hybrid model of learning that places some students outside the room.  The solution creates a standards-based wireless connection between the teacher source device and the room display or project. ScreenBeam eliminates cables, buttons, adapters and dongles no matter what infrastructure has already been implemented.

Active Learning

Untether teachers to present lessons on the classroom display from anywhere in the classroom, and drive more personal engagement with their students.

Classroom Efficiency

Combine ScreenBeam’s native support of Microsoft Windows Ink across Microsoft Education 365 applications with an interactive touch display and teachers can instantly capture and save annotations on the classroom display and share with student’s in real-time.

Classroom Future-Readiness

A classroom equipped with ScreenBeam is better eqipped to increase its usage of rich multimedia tools in the future, with a view to enhancing teaching and learning.

ScreenBeam 1000 EDU Enhanced Wireless Display for Education

Fosters teacher mobility

Untether teachers from the front of the classroom, providing the flexibility to move around the room while projecting lessons onto the classroom display, and save valuable instructional time.

Creates interactive learning spaces

Eliminate ‘sage on the stage teaching’ and optimize collaboration to focus on student outcomes.

Enables proximity control

Cultivate classroom agility and monitor individual behavior to identify issues faster and help off-task students refocus, without interrupting instruction.

Implements rich multimedia tools

Engage students by supplementing core curriculum with interactive online content and digital learning materials. Popular applications such as Skype in the Classroom, OneNote, FluidMath and LifeLiqe are easier to implement without the constraints of cables.

WATCH WEBCAST: Learn how ScreenBeam can be your zero-touch solution for safe classroom collaboration.

Making the Transition Back to the Classroom

Wireless Classroom Orchestration with ScreenBeam Classroom Commander


ScreenBeam Classroom Commander delivers classroom orchestration for Chomebook and Windows 10/11 one-to-one classrooms plus enhanced wireless display. Included with all ScreenBeam 1000 EDU devices, providing a premium integration modern classroom experience.

ScreenBeam has developed an elegant yet powerful solution to wireless classroom orchestration for our education customers committed to Windows 10/11 in the classroom.

Anthony Salcito

Microsoft VP Worldwide Education, Microsoft

Classroom Commander for Chromebooks

Learn how to reverse engineer the modern classroom and gain freedom of choice and more functionality with less devices and less money.

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