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Enjoy Brilliant HD Without the Wires.

ScreenBeam | Mini2

Wireless Display Adapter / Receiver for Consumers

HD Wireless Display on the Go

ScreenBeam Mini2

The perfect stocking stuffer for the Techie on your list! Get prepared for friends and relatives dropping by who want to share their content from their Android mobile devices with the rest of the crowd. ScreenBeam enables you to wirelessly mirror any content from your mobile device onto an HD display without wires or having to download Apps!


Beam your Favorite Content Directly to an HDTV.

MyWirelessTV2 Wireless Video HDMI Connection Kit

This Holiday season, TV gift-giving should include MyWirelessTV2! MyWirelessTV2 is a wireless video HDMI kit so you can get rid of the HDMI cable and mount your TV anywhere in your home. Imagine watching sports in your bedroom, garage or basement without any wires!



Get rid of the HDMI cable and mount your HDTV anywhere with MyWirelessTV2 Wireless Video HDMI Display Kit.


ScreenBeam Mini2 lets users share virtually any local or online content. Beam movies, videos, music, photos, games, online TV shows, applications, and more – directly to an HDTV.

ScreenBeam Mini2
For devices running Android 4.2+ and Windows 8.1+/10 devices with Miracast

ScreenBeam Mini2 Mobile
For Samsung and other Android Phones

ScreenBeam Mini2 Kit
For legacy Windows 7/8 laptops, PCs or tablets

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