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5 Tips on How to Boost Your WiFi Speed

In this age, slow WiFi is a no-go. We live in a world where we are used to instant results. Lagging video games, buffering TV shows, browsers and feeds that are still loading (or cannot load at all)? No thank you. When your wireless network speeds start to crawl or drop completely within your home, you’re going to feel frustrated. Especially if you are paying for high-speed WiFi.

While slow WiFi can feel like a burden, it is a fixable issue. There are simple ways to boost your WiFi speed in your home by trying a few tricks. Check out our tips on how to boost your WiFi:


How to give your WiFi speed a boost:

When your WiFi speed seems slow, there are a few things that you can try to both increase your WiFi speed and get better Wi-Fi overall. Here are five WiFi speed boosters to try:

Optimize your router placement in your home.

One of the first things that you should check is the placement of your router. Is your router far away from where your devices are? If so, try moving it to a more central location in your space.

Another way to optimize your router placement in your home is to make sure that it is not blocked by any obstacles, such as thick walls or large metal objects. This can block your WiFi signal, which will impact your wireless speeds.

Boost your WiFi signal to boost your speeds.

To boost your WiFi speeds, another thing that you should do is check your WiFi signal strength. In the previous step we said that obstacles could block your signal strength, so make sure that there are no obstacles for your router to battle. This is important because if your WiFi signal strength is suffering, your Internet speeds will suffer as well. The two (signal and speed) depend on one another. To get a reliable internet connection you need a strong signal. You also need a strong signal to get a fast connection.

Update your router whenever an update is available.

Device update notifications and reminders might get annoying, but they exist for a reason. Make sure that whenever you can update your router that you do it. Your router is the heart of your wireless home network, so make sure that it is guarded against any malware attacks. A health router with a strong signal produces fast WiFi speeds.

Extend the range of your WiFi network.

Fast WiFi is great, but if it doesn’t reach every corner of your home, then it’s no use to you and your devices. If your wireless connection doesn’t have the same strength and speed wherever you go in your home, consider getting a Wi-Fi booster or extender to get rid of weak connections in your home.




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