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How Can I Increase My Wi-Fi Speed?

You performed a Wi-Fi speed test to understand your network speeds and identified that yours is slow. Or, maybe you’ve been performing usual online activities like video streaming, online gaming or web browsing and noticed that things are slow to load, lagging or not loading at all. Now what? Sounds like you have a slow Wi-Fi connection. The good news is that you can do something about it. Here’s how to increase your Wi-Fi speed and signal strength.

How to Get Faster Wi-Fi

There are multiple ways that you can increase your Wi-Fi speed and get better Wi-Fi overall. Here are some things to try:

Don’t block your router

Make sure that your router isn’t blocked by any objects that might interfere with its signal. It’s a good idea to keep it in an open and central location. This could be on a shelf, next to your TV or in the corner of a room. Things like appliances, walls or large metal objects can interfere with or block your Wi-Fi signal, causing slow speeds.

Keep your router updated

Always make sure to update your router. Your internet speed is impacted by updating your router’s firmware. Updates help keep malware from stealing your bandwidth and slowing your Internet speed.

Manage the devices on your Wi-Fi network

Too many devices on one network can slow things down. Be especially weary of unknown devices that are connected to your network. These should be the first to go. Too many devices on your network, or older, slower devices can also significantly slow your Wi-Fi speeds down.

You can easily manage the devices connected to your home network by using a Managed Wi-Fi solution that gives you the tools you need to manage all of your connected devices, as well as keep unwanted devices off your network.

Extend your network’s range

Lastly, you can use a Wi-Fi booster or extender to eliminate the areas of your home with weak connections.

Getting faster Wi-Fi can be as simple as keeping up to date with some of these tips and tricks. It is also important to always use a reputable internet service provider. While you can always pay more for more Mbps, you don’t always have to.

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