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How to Get Your Home Network Ready for the Holidays

The holidays call for family and friends coming together. Sometimes this means sharing a meal, and other times this means streaming a movie, playing an online game or dancing to holiday tunes. Or, maybe your holidays include connecting with loved ones that are far away.

Aside from the shared meal, all of these activities require a solid internet connection. (Unless you are the one cooking the meal, you may need WiFi to look up a recipe as well.)

Regardless of what your home looks like during the holidays, one thing is for sure: There are going to be a lot of devices, which means a lot of network activity.

Even the smallest shifts in WiFi speed and performance can have a large impact on your Internet experience. Instead of your network screeching to a halt because of traffic jams, you can optimize your network to survive the holidays. So, ask yourself:

Is your WiFi network speed as fast as the approaching holidays?

Is your home network ready for guests and new gadgets? If not, here are some things that you can do to make sure that your home network is up to speed for the holidays.

Call your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

You can call your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to ask about upgrading your internet speeds. But first, you can check your Internet speed by yourself. Running a speed test (which you can do for free or with paid tools for better results) lets you assess if you should even upgrade in the first place, before calling your ISP about it. Regardless, a reputable ISP will be able to guide you in the right direction.

Address your router situation

Check to make sure that your router is ready for action. Are there physical obstacles preventing it from giving you the strongest signal possible? If you have your router in the basement or tucked into a corner of a room, move it to a more central location to get the best signal strength. If this is still not doing the trick, consider getting an additional router or upgrading the one that you have.

Invest in network adapters and extenders

Your router might give you a strong signal in one room but fall short in all of the others. Sometimes a router needs help with boosting WiFi throughout your home. To optimize your network’s reach throughout your home, look into network adapters and network extenders. Adapters and extenders increase the WiFi speed between access points for an instant boost in performance.

Secure your network

Perhaps above all else you should make sure that your network is secure. Make sure that you are protecting your WiFi network with a strong password. Strong passwords keep you and your guests safe while connected to your network and keep unwanted guests out.

Manage your home network

Lastly, get a home network management system to make sure that everything runs smoothly so that you don’t have to worry. It can be overwhelming to run your entire network by yourself. But with tools that do the work for you, you can kick back and relax this holiday season with family, friends and a solid home network surrounding you.

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