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What is an “Internet Autobahn” and how do I get one?

The German Autobahn is one of the world’s most famous highway systems, with over 7,500 miles of expressway. People dream of going full throttle without limits, speeding down that Autobahn.


So when we hear the term “Internet Autobahn,” the image that pops in our minds is a superfast home network, faster than you’ve ever experienced before!  Everyone wants better WiFi, so who wouldn’t want this?


What is an “Internet Autobahn”?


Clearly Wi-Fi has improved dramatically over the years. However, live streaming, gaming, virtual reality and UHD programming have all put a huge strain on even the most robust WiFi network. This is where MoCA technology comes in, simply and elegantly improving your home network.


Think of MoCA as a “no new wires” technology. It uses the existing coaxial cable wiring in people’s homes as a backhaul or “Internet Autobahn” as a way to expand their Wi-Fi network beyond their primary router. By connecting one MoCA Adapter to your Router and one to your WiFi Access Point or Network Extender in another room, you literally create a 1 Gbps “Internet Autobahn” between your router and these devices through your coaxial cabling. This super highway is a bigger pipe for all of your Internet traffic. This means faster speeds, steadier connections and less congestion! It is perfect for pristine 4k and HD streaming of Netflix and other videos.


How MoCA Compares to Power Line Technology


Home networking products using power line technology (power adapters) may be easy to use with outlets in every room. However, household electrical wiring can deteriorate, and it is prone to interference from everyday household appliances like vacuums or microwave ovens. As a result, they are not ideal for streaming HD or ultra HD content.  On the other hand, MoCA technology’s primary job is to guarantee the delivery of data packets to their destination. Not only does it make a home network faster, MoCA also makes it more reliable. Without packet loss, it brings pristine video streaming and lag-free gaming.


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