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Why You Should Choose Wireless Presentation for Your Business


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Wireless presentation, or wireless presentation systems refers to hardware products that provide wireless sharing or wireless display in meeting spaces. Wireless display technology allows users to easily mirror their device screen to the in-room display. Often, the terms wireless display and wireless presentation are used interchangeably.

Choosing wireless display and wireless presentation for your business enhances collaborative spaces and makes meetings more efficient.
At minimum, the best wireless presentation solutions deliver the following requirements:

  1. Supports a mix of employee and guest device operating systems
  2. Makes it easy to use with virtually no training required
  3. Allows administrators to mix and match configuration options for secure employee and guest device connections
  4. Provides collaborative features that make it easy for teams to be productive
  5. Ensures security at every level of an active connection
  6. Provides multi-user and role-based central management of devices to support large deployments with multiple sites and administrators

Most wireless presentation solutions in the market require extra hardware to connect, which wastes valuable meeting time trying to locate the right connector. Or, the connection hardware gets lost. ScreenBeam 1100 Plus is a wireless presentation system that eliminates apps, cables and adapters making it quick and easy to share and collaborate over content.

Wireless Presentation for Your Business
ScreenBeam 1100 Plus is a 4K wireless presentation system that supports app-free wireless screen sharing from any device onto in-room displays.

  • App-free and dongle-free content sharing practically eliminates user training and makes it easy for even guest devices to connect instantly. ScreenBeam receivers support the built-in wireless display standards already available in Windows, Apple and Chromebook devices.
  • Designed with three separate network interfaces so administrators can configure employee devices to a Company network and guest devices to a Guest network with Internet access. There’s never a path between Guest and Employee networks to keep company data safe.
  • Presenters can switch out instantly without disconnecting or locating the right cable or adapter to connect.
  • Up to four presenters can share content simultaneously for a more elegant experience as content annotating and editing of materials can be done in real-time.
  • Meeting participants can ink and annotate in any Office 365 application on the room display. ScreenBeam Ghost Inking™ technology effectively removes all Windows Inking latency for a more intuitive and natural pen-to-paper experience.
  • Three levels of security for active connections include connection level security support, session level security with AES128 encryption, and customizable PIN pairing options so that authorized IT/AV departments can control the receivers.

Plus, there’s more to add even more value to your wireless display spend:

  • Integrated HTML-based digital signage is available when displays are not in use.
  • Wireless display and HDMI® switching supported in a single device, which reduces deployment complexity and equipment costs.
  • Remote management of devices with Central Management System (CMS) Enterprise software included in every ScreenBeam 1100 Plus receiver.

ScreenBeam 1100 Plus commercial-ready wireless display is designed to solve business challenges that enterprises face every day. To experience it for yourself, contact us now.

Learn everything you need to know about wireless display and how it can benefit your business by listening to our podcast!

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ScreenBeam 1100 Plus


Designed to be the most flexible enterprise wireless presentation and collaboration solution available at a price that can't be beaten. App-free wireless presentations from any device with ability to wirelessly markup content on in-room displays for a natural workflow. IT administrators can simultaneously connect employee and guest devices with total network isolation. 

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