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Bring Wireless Collaboration into Your Meetings

Making meetings more engaging, productive and collaborative requires the right wireless display technology.

Unproductive meetings are an opportunity to change the way teams work together.

Bringing the right tools into play can make all the difference to create positive meeting environments. Today, an enterprise wireless display technology solution can play a significant role to make meetings more productive by enabling wireless collaboration. It’s clear that enabling everyone to see and engage with the same information brings true collaboration— but also a unified sense of direction and purpose. It’s a definite win for everyone.

According to a Harvard Business Review survey of 182 senior managers in a range of industries

  • “meetings keep them from completing their own work” 65 % 65 %
  • “meetings are unproductive and inefficient” 71% 71%
  • “meetings come at the expense of deep thinking” 64% 64%
  • “meetings miss opportunities to bring teams closer together” 62% 62%

What is Wireless Collaboration?

In simple terms, wireless collaboration is the process of two or more people working together to present and share content to and from a larger display using wireless technology.

But wireless collaboration is about more than just the technology wirelessly connecting devices. Consider all the reasons why people wirelessly collaborate: to encourage discussion, interaction, connection, exploration, and innovation—and to improve productivity and engagement.

ScreenBeam Contactless Wireless Display and Conferencing

Creating safer, easier and smarter work areas for group collaboration is essential to corporations and schools worldwide as they consider how to transition back to the office or campus.

ScreenBeam understands the need to free people to interact naturally and safely. ScreenBeam 1100 Plus is a 100% app-free wireless presentation system to eliminate all contact points including cables, dongles, buttons and switches. The ability to integrate into a UC device substantially improves the collaborative experience for both in-room and remote participants.

Microsoft® Office 365® Wireless Collaboration

As Microsoft’s co-engineering partner for wireless display only ScreenBeam delivers wireless Microsoft Office 365 experiences with native support of Windows Ink and interactive touch screens. This enables wireless collaboration to be more efficient and effective because our solution automatically keeps track of all ideas, notes, images, and documents that go along with the collaborative process and saves all the information automatically. No more worries about getting distracted with note-taking. Instead, the focus during wireless collaboration is on keeping everyone organized, productive, and engaged.

What should you look for in a wireless display solution to create the right collaborative environment?

Obviously not every wireless display is the same, but there are common factors to consider.

Enterprise-grade wireless connectivity: 

Only enterprise-grade Miracast™ wireless display guarantees high-performance in dense wireless environments and also provide access control, configurability, security, and management capabilities.

BYOD office environment: 

Should be convenient and provide multi-platform support so any device can connect to the room display including iOS and Android smartphones, and MacOS, Windows and Chrome mobile devices.

Simple to use even without training: 

Wireless display eliminates cables and wires but can bog down users with apps and dongles. Support for native screen mirroring provides the same user experience across all popular devices.

Easy to support, upgrade, deploy and manage: 

Offer the capability to centrally manage receivers across an enterprise to reduce the cost of deploying and managing the displays whether located in one or multiple buildings.

It is imperative to select a wireless display solution that works in any meeting room environment.

In a two-person huddle space: wireless display solutions eliminate peering at small laptop displays to improve visibility and productivity.

Or a small or medium conference room: users should be able to easily connect directly to a display or a projector, or through a room control system.

Or a boardroom: any wireless display solution be flexible to accommodate environments where room control, conferencing and automation are all in play.

Or remote meetings: wireless display solutions should offer the capability to front-end connect to Skype room systems to enable users to wirelessly connect, present, and broadcast to remote meeting participants.

At ScreenBeam, we set the bar higher for wireless collaboration.


ScreenBeam Wireless Display solutions set no restrictions on what content can be shared or which device can be used to connect to the room display or projector. Both employee and guest devices have plenty of options to securely connect making it easy to collaborate and be productive.

Users always get a simple, app-free screen mirroring experience by taking advantage of native sharing functionality in their devices. ScreenBeam was first to market with a WiFi-certified receiver that supports enterprise-grade Miracast.

There are over 155 million Microsoft Office 365 business users and only ScreenBeam is in a unique position to enhance that experience through our co-engineering partnership with Microsoft on wireless display.

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