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5 Things to Help Boost Your WiFi Signal

Are your devices struggling to connect to your WiFi network? Does it take forever to connect to the internet in your home or business space (if you are able to connect at all), it could be because your WiFi signal is weak. If that is the case, there are ways that you can boost your WiFi signal to get the most out of the wireless network coverage that you are paying for.

If you boost your WiFi signal, you will boost your WiFi speeds. When we talk about giving your WiFi signal a boost, we are talking about both boosting WiFi signal range and strength.

The best place to start with this process is with your router, since it is the heart of your entire wireless network. Even the most powerful routers can miss a spot or two around your home.

Here are five things regarding your router that you can help boost your WiFi signal (without breaking the bank):

How to boost your WiFi signal

Sometimes your WiFi signal struggle simply because of your router position and placement in your home or office. Here are some things to pay attention to and try to give your wireless signal a boost:

1)    Re-position your router.

Is your router far from your devices? If you can, try moving the router to a more central location for your WiFi devices to better connect. Distance is an obstacle for wireless signals, so it could be why your signal seems weak.

2)    Elevate your router.

Your router placement is important. Another re-positioning strategy to try is elevating your router. If your router is on the floor or on a low shelf near to the floor, try placing it on a central place that is higher up, like on an end table or countertop. This can also help give your wireless signal a boost.

3)    Re-position your router’s antennas.

Does your router have antennas? If yes, try repositioning them by pointing one straight up and one to the side. Positioning your router antennas in this way can help send the WiFi signal through walls and retain its strength.

4)    Upgrade your router’s antenna(s) to omnidirectional ones.

Another thing you can do is upgrade the antenna(s) on your router or upgrade to a router with stronger signal antennas. Upgrading to omnidirectional antennas will get you a stronger WiFi signal without having to manually angle the antennas.

5)    Look into and consider WiFi boosters, extenders and repeaters.

You might be thinking, Three devices? I thought you said I wasn’t going to have to break the bank!

Don’t worry, you won’t have to invest in all three of these devices (unless you want to). The important part is to understand what WiFi boosters, WiFi range and network extenders and WiFi repeaters do and the differences between them. Here is what you need to know:

What is a WiFi booster?

A “WiFi booster” is a catch-all phrase for WiFi extenders and range extenders. These devices give your network and signal a “boost” by extending its reach further in and around your home.

What is a WiFi repeater?

Wireless repeaters re-broadcast the WiFi signal that already exists in your home or business space. If your signal is weak, a repeater isn’t going to make the signal stronger. A repeater only carries the same weak signal further.

What is a WiFi range extender?

A WiFi range extender is similar to a repeater. It is a device you place between your router and the location that you need more WiFi coverage. WiFi range extenders re-broadcast on a different channel than your router uses. The downfall is that if you do not get the placement right, the device might miss the signal from your router sometimes, causing inconsistent coverage.

What is a WiFi network extender?

A WiFi network extender is a “wired” reliable solution for more WiFi signal coverage.  A network extender uses a cable to create a second or third sort of boosted WiFi network. This kind of device uses a cable that connects to the wiring that already exists in your home. And because wired internet connection is strong and reliable, this kind of WiFi boost will be, too

WiFi network extenders placed throughout your home helps shorten the distance between your WiFi devices, which means faster WiFi speeds, improved performance and better WiFi home network coverage overall.

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