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How Wi-Fi Extenders Improve Wi-Fi Performance

Wi-Fi extenders boost your Wi-Fi performance by making your coverage more reliable. They reduce the frustration of only being able to use your devices in certain rooms of your home. Or, sometimes certain parts of certain rooms. 

If you have an updated router and it is in the best location possible, but your Wi-Fi is still struggling, it could just mean that you need to help it reach farther. However, if your signal is weak and that is the actual problem you will need to boost it first before trying to extend its range. (An extended weak signal is not productive.)

Before Wi-Fi extenders can help improve your Wi-Fi performance, always make sure to:

  • Reboot your router
  • Check that your internet network is set up correctly through your Internet service provider (ISP)
  • Check the signal strength

The good news is that a Wi-Fi extender is a fast and easy solution to make your Wi-Fi better. All you do is plug and go. Here’s how to do it:

With a Wi-Fi extender adapter kit like this one all you do is plug one adapter into your router and power source, and the other to your device and power source. These specific adapters have labels right on them to show you exactly which part needs to go where. So simple.

Once your extenders are set up and you know that your Wi-Fi signal strength is where it needs to be, you should experience improved Wi-Fi throughout your home. This means strong internet connection wherever you are and faster connection speeds.

Wi-Fi extenders are especially great for connecting gaming consoles to your Wi-Fi network, especially if they are in spaces like upstairs in the farthest room from the router or in the basement. The adapter kits can plug the kit right into your console’s ethernet connection and then connect to the router in another part of the house. That way, gamers can reduce gaming lag.

At the end of the day, Wi-Fi extenders help maintain a well-performing network. By making sure that your Wi-Fi network is running smoothly, everything is secured, and your signal is strong, a Wi-Fi extender will work to push all of that work further throughout your space.

Check out our Complete Guide to Wi-Fi Boosters for more resources about boosting your Wi-Fi’s performance. And check out ScreenBeam’s blog for more Wi-Fi tips.

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