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Teacher Agility Creates Magic in the Classroom


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Give your teachers a mobile device and ScreenBeam wireless display and watch magic happen in the classroom.

21st-century learning is all about collaboration, personalization, and team-based projects. Not surprising, these same attributes are also reflected in the work culture of the most successful companies around the world.

Yet many of our teachers are still tethered to a desktop PC while facing students situated in a ‘desk in a row’ formation

Such an antiquated learning environment was designed for rote memorization teaching practices and make it very difficult for students to communicate and work together – not modern at all

So, what is required to create an effective and enjoyable 21st century learning environment that inspires eager learners?

Actually, very little.

  1. A mobile device equipped with the teacher’s preferred teaching apps
  2. A classroom display with touch
  3. A ScreenBeam wireless display receiver

Simply connect the ScreenBeam receiver to the classroom display using a video cable (i.e. HDMI® ) and a USB cable. ScreenBeam acts as a wireless bridge between the teacher device and the classroom display. With only a single swipe on their device, teachers can project lessons onto the classroom display while traveling naturally amongst their students. This complete freedom of movement alone has been proven to change the trajectory of the classroom to be more collaborative and enjoyable for both teacher and students. Click here to see how simple it is to connect from all your favorite devices.

Once the chains are broken, the magic can begin:

  1. Teachers can personalize their classroom space to fit all their students’ needs. Teacher agility means desks in a row can be replaced with group spaces that make it easy for students to collaborate and solve problems together. Create quiet spaces for reading or simply for students to take a short break, or prepare art and science spaces dedicated to innovation and creativity. Teacher agility expands the classroom footprint so every space, even the walls, can be used for teaching and learning
  2. Teacher agility also makes it easy to monitor individual students and help refocus students who aren’t paying attention or identify students who seem confused by the material. Teachers can ask a student to take over the lesson by simply handing them their device. This frees up time to give an individual student the attention and encouragement they need on the spot. The bonus effect is the student taking over the lesson will feel rewarded and empowered
  3. Modern devices make it convenient to supplement lessons with interactive online content and digital learning materials. Popular applications such as Teams, OneNote, FluidMath and LifeLiqe are easier to implement without the constraints of cables.

ScreenBeam 1000 EDU is an essential tool for creating the modern classroom. It creates a standards-based wireless connection between any teacher source device (Windows, iOS, macOS or Chromebook) and the room display or projector. ScreenBeam eliminates apps, cables, dongles no matter what infrastructure has already been implemented.

As classrooms across the country reopen, many students will be returning with a Chromebook or Windows device provided for remote learning. The 1000 EDU receiver also comes with Classroom Commander to help teachers more easily manage these student devices.

ScreenBeam wireless display makes more possible with less. The result is better ROI on technology investments and improvement in student engagement.

Visit us to learn how ScreenBeam can help your modern classroom initiatives and also do not miss this blog providing creative tips on how to manage classroom safety.

Download our white paper, Wireless Collaboration in Enterprise Environments, to learn how to successfully enable wireless presentation and collaboration across your enterprise. Simply fill out the form below! 


ScreenBeam 1000 EDU


ScreenBeam 1000 EDU delivers app-free screen sharing on any device eliminating the need to download an app or keep a cable or dongle nearby. Simply tap to wirelessly connect a mobile device to the room display. Teacher and guest devices have multiple ways to connect and can display up to four student screens simultaneously. Windows 10/11 teacher devices can ink and annotate in Office 365 apps and share notes to student devices or the front-of-room display. Includes ScreenBeam Classroom Commander providing student device orchestration for Windows 10/11 or Chromebook student devices.

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