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Gaming with a Wire: MOCA vs. Wi-Fi Mesh, from Lon.TV

Network lag is a gamer’s worst nightmare. And most gaming enthusiasts agree that a wired connection is THE way to get lag-free gaming. It then follows that extending your home network with a wire is better than relying on WiFi signals alone. This is especially true when you want to get data back and forth to the Internet from one end of your home to the other.

What is MoCA

This video explains MoCA technology. It is an easy, reliable solution to get a fast, low-lag home network with a wire using the existing TV coaxial cabling in your home. With MoCA you’ll get similar performance and reliability to running Ethernet, just without the bother or expense.

What Improvement Can You Expect With MoCA

With MoCA you can get up to a 300% performance improvement over standard WiFi Mesh system, which is entirely wireless. Why? Because using a wired connection as the backbone will always give you lower latency, faster speeds, and higher reliability. And it is easy to install!

How does MoCA Work?

You have two device options that use MoCA technology: 1] MoCA Adapters and 2] MoCA Network Extenders.

MoCA Adapters are a completely wired solution that come in pairs. You just connect one MoCA Adapter to your router and the other to your gaming console near a coaxial port. The MoCA Adapters “talk to” each other through the coaxial wiring in your home, creating a superfast, reliable Internet network. If your modem/router is already “MoCA enabled,” you will only need a single MoCA Adapter at the other end.

If your gaming console is not close enough to a coaxial port, a MoCA Network Extender is what you’ll want to use. With a Network Extender, you basically get a hybrid wired/Wi-Fi solution. You may need to connect a MoCA Adapter to your router (if the router is not MoCA enabled). Then you connect the MoCA Network Extender to a coaxial port further in your home, closer to your gaming console. A majority of the network is wired. This makes it faster and less subject to interference. The Network Extender then sends a Wi-Fi signal out from there to your gaming console as well as to other devices in the home.

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