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How to Improve your Wi-Fi for Roku

Imagine that you are watching the season finale of your favorite show streaming through your Roku and the connection keeps going in and out. Each time the show pauses, the significant parts lose their excitement. What can you do to improve this?


What Causes Video Streaming Delays

If you have a slow and unreliable Wi-Fi network in your home, you risk these video streaming delays. To increase the Wi-Fi connection to your Roku, you should aim for a minimum speed of 25-30 Mbps. Instead of relying on traditional Wi-Fi to achieve this, consider using a wired solution


Wired Solutions are Reliable

Using a wired connection rather than traditional Wi-Fi alone will vastly improve the quality of your video streaming. Wired home networking solutions like MoCA not only offer a much faster throughput than WiFi alone, but the signal is much more reliable.

Of course, most people prefer not to drill holes in the walls and run Ethernet in order to get this higher quality video. The good news is you don’t have to.

MoCA uses the existing coaxial wiring in your home to create a superfast home network. In fact it can improve your network speeds by up to 300% over standard Mesh WiFi. No drilling, no running wires…it’s easy to install. You simply connect a MoCA Network Adapter to your router and another to your Roku, AppleTV or other media player to get a more reliable and super high-speed network connection.


How does MoCA Work?

All it takes to connect a MoCA adapter and extender in your home is locating your coax cables and outlets. The coax cables and outlets connect to your Roku and to whichever paid TV services you use. You do not need any additional or new wiring for installation, because everything already exists in your home.

MoCA Adapters come in pairs that send your Internet data (video, audio, etc.) through the coaxial wiring in your home. One Adapter sends the data and the other receives it. You just connect one MoCA Adapter to your modem/router and the other to your Roku if it is near a coaxial port. Some modems/routers are already “MoCA enabled.” In this case you only need a single MoCA Adapter at the other end.

If your Roku is not close enough to a coaxial port, a MoCA Network Extender is an excellent option. With a Network Extender, what you get is a hybrid wired/Wi-Fi solution. You will still connect a MoCA Adapter to your modem/router. Then you connect the Network Extender to a coaxial port further into your home, closer to your Roku. Most of the home network is then wired, which makes it much faster and more reliable. The Network Extender sends out a Wi-Fi signal from there to your Roku as well as to other devices in the home.

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