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What does MoCA® have to do with WiFi?

MoCA Makes WiFi Better

MoCA® might just be the best kept secret for giving your home network the WiFi boost it needs. MoCA technology delivers real world home networking speeds over 900 Mbps. And because it’s a wired connection, you can count on a quality, low-lag experience for video streaming and online gaming.

How does MoCA do this? It uses the coaxial cabling already wired into most homes for cable TV. No need to drill holes. No need to run wires. 

MoCA Delivers an Ultra Fast and Reliable Internet Experience

MoCA technology is available in at least two types of devices: 1] MoCA network adapters, and 2] MoCA Network Extenders. These devices work in pairs.

Network adapters create a wired connection between your router and a specific device* that requires a reliable, high speed network (like a laptop, cable box, gaming console).

Network extenders also create a direct connection between the router and the extender for a reliable, wired backhaul. In addition, the extender sends out a WiFi signal to wireless devices further into the home.

ScreenBeam’s Network Adapters and Extenders create a bigger pipe for all your internet data traffic.  This means you get faster speeds, steadier connections and less congestion. This is perfect for faster file transfers, lag-free gaming, and pristine 4K and HD streaming. On average customers experience a 300% network speed improvement.

* The device needs an Ethernet port and access to a coaxial port.

How Does MoCA Work?

MoCA (stands for Multimedia over Coax) is a home networking technology that will delivers a reliable and ultra-high-speed connection over the existing coaxial wiring already in your home.

By simply using MoCA Network Adapters or MoCA WiFi Extenders, you can make your home network much more reliable and get speeds of up to 1 Gbps*.

Can MoCA Boost my WiFi Signal?

MoCA network adapters or extenders will boost your WiFi signal by up to 300% over standard Mesh WiFi. They will deliver a reliable, ultrafast network for pristine 4K streaminglag-free gaming, and fast web surfing.

Bonded MoCA devices essentially create a 1 Gbps “Internet Autobahn” between WiFi access points for an instant performance boost. This larger, wired pipe via a home’s existing coaxial wiring produces faster speeds and steadier connections.

MoCA Beats Out Standard Mesh WiFi

WiFi networks that have good speeds can still have poor quality due to high latency or lag times. Low network quality is not ideal for gamers who seek a reliable, stable signal with quick response time. Standard mesh WiFi networks on average have higher latency, which means gamers may experience delays and signal interruption.

standard mesh repeater also only extends the WiFi signal while taking up some of the bandwidth for its connection. A WiFi Network Extender with MoCA, on the other hand, uses a wired connection to your router through a home’s existing coaxial wiring, which creates an ultra-fast backhaul while saving all the bandwidth for your WiFi devices. In the end, you get a reliable, superhighway for your WiFi traffic without dead zones.

By simply using MoCA Network Adapters or MoCA WiFi Extenders, you can make your home network much more reliable and get speeds of up to 1 Gbps*. Learn more about MoCA Network Adapters and WiFi Extenders on ScreenBeam’s Complete Guide to MoCA.

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