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How to Set Up MyWirelessTV2

MyWirelessTV2 is an HD video kit that replaces messy HDMI cables with wireless technology. It allows you to easily set up an HDTV with cable or satellite in any room even if it is not wired. All you have to do is plug the transmitter and receiver in the MyWirelessTV2 kit, and it transfers 1080p quality audio and video from room to room.

How to set up your MyWirelessTV2 step-by-step:
Here is exactly how you set up the MyWirelessTV2 wireless video HDMI display kit:
Before the steps, make sure you have your TV, projector or other compatible devices set up/mounted.

Step 1: Identify all of the parts of the MyWirelessTV2 kit.

The kit includes:
• (1) wireless HD video Transmitter
• (1) wireless HD video Receiver
• (2) power adapters
• (2) high-speed HDMI 1.4 cables
• (1) IR blaster cable
• (1) IR receiver extension cable
• (1) installation guide
The MyWirelessTV2 Transmitter and Receiver look the same, but have labels so you can tell the difference.

Step 2: Set up and connect the Transmitter.

Start by turning off your set-top box or other media player. Then, connect the Transmitter to your media player with the HDMI cable included in the kit, and connect the power adapter included in the kit and plug it in.
Turn on your media player. Wait to see that the power light on the Transmitter is solid green to know the connection is successful.

Step 3: Set up and connect the Receiver.

Take the second HDMI cable included in the kit and plug one end into your TV and the other end into the Receiver port that says “Out-to-TV.” Next, connect the Receiver to the power adapter.
Just like the Transmitter, check that the green “power light” on the Receiver turns solid green to know the connection is successful.

At this point, your MyWirelessTV2 Transmitter and Receiver should be successfully set up. To start enjoying your favorite movies or shows in any room, turn on your TV and select the input source that matches the HDMI port you used for the Receiver. That’s it!

MyWirelessTV2 offers flexibility to put your HDTV or projector wherever you want. No need to worry about wires running all over the place. You get full control over your home theater, streaming, and gaming experience. Explore ScreenBeam’s Guide to Wireless Video HDMI for more.

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