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Wireless Solution to HDMI Cable Clutter


Our TVs keep us connected to the world through gaming consoles, set-top boxes, and other media devices. With each device, you can expect a tangled web of cables to come with it.

HDMI cables have been a part of your entertainment systems for years, delivering high-definition audio and video from your media devices to your TV. Fortunately, if you despise the cable clutter, good wireless options now exist, including MyWirelessTV2



How Wireless Video HDMI Works

A traditional HDMI connection uses a cable between your media player and your TV. Wireless Video HDMI uses an HDMI transmitter and receiver, and sometimes these are sold as kits.

The transmitter connects to your cable box, Roku, gaming console or other media player. It delivers the video and audio via a wireless signal to a receiver, which is connected to your TV.  With some kits, the receiver can accept a signal from the transmitter up to 150-feet away.



Benefits of Wireless Video HDMI

Wireless Video HDMI offers a host of benefits, the primary being the elimination of HDMI cable clutter. Traditional wired HDMI creates a messy and unsightly entertainment space in homes and in businesses. Wireless Video HDMI, on the other hand, allows you to have a neat, organized and simplified media stand.

Wireless Video HDMI connections also provide the flexibility to customize your media set up without the limitations of HDMI cables. For instance, you may place your cable box neatly under a stand in the living room and using a wireless video HDMI connection, you can also connect to a TV at the other end of the home. Movies and sports events can be played from the living room to the family room seamlessly.

Set up is generally simple, and without using your home’s network Wi-Fi connection. The transmitter sends its own wireless signal directly to the receiver/TV, so you have the assurance of a strong, quality connection.



Where to Buy

You can purchase a wireless video HDMI kit like MyWirelessTV2 at most major technology retailers, such as Best Buy and Amazon.

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